Keep Your Financial Resolutions in the New Year Thanks to American Automotive Service Solutions Inc.

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwired - Dec 28, 2016) - American Automotive Service Solutions, the premier extended service contract company, wants you to keep those financial resolutions for the new year with their vehicle protection packages. With automotive repairs one of the reasons that many people fall into financial difficulty, American Automotive Service Solutions is here to keep that from happening to you.

"Each year, thousands of people make New Year's resolutions," said Jack Smith, CEO of American Automotive Service Solutions. "One of the most popular resolutions is to get a better handle on finances, whether it is setting up and sticking to a budget or eliminating unnecessary spending. However, many of those people start the year with great intentions, only to have a major breakdown in a vehicle, requiring them to pull money from savings or reach for a credit card, many of which have astronomical interest rates. With a vehicle protection plan, you don't have to add to your credit card debt or lose money because you had to withdraw from your savings account. The coverage pays for your repair and you are back on the road." Adding the cost of a vehicle protection plan into your budget is not as difficult as you may think, Mr. Smith said.

American Automotive Service Solutions has many different packages with different levels of coverage. We can work with you to make sure the cost of the plan fits in your budget and provides you with the most comprehensive coverage available. Because American Automotive Service Solutions are members of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA, we have access to resources that are not available to other protection companies. Because they have that access, they pass it along to you in their packages, helping you stick to your budget and begin the year with peace of mind that at least a car repair is not going to derail your financial health.


American Automotive Service Solutions has been offering outstanding vehicle protection services for the past ten years. They work with some of the best administrators in the country, including AAS, Marathon and MBPI, companies with a rating of "A" or greater with the Better Business Bureau. They won't sell you an extended warranty as only the manufacturer can provide a warranty for your vehicle. Instead, you will receive extended protection that picks up where your warranty ends. Because American Automotive Service solutions offers contracts that are backed by national corporations, you know they have your best interests at heart. Learn more today by completing the online form or calling 800-293-5048.

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