Multimedia Makeup Academy Launches Interactive Online Makeup Artistry Courses

First two courses cover fundamental techniques for becoming a professional makeup artist; Academy plans to release additional advanced training course in second quarter of 2017

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Jan 25, 2017) - Multimedia Makeup Academy today launched a new interactive, online learning program to help aspiring makeup artists jumpstart their professional training. The first courses released, Makeup Essentials 1 and 2, provide students with the fundamental techniques they will need to prepare them for a career in makeup. Each self-guided course starts at $500-$700 and can be bundled together for additional savings. Students that register for Makeup Essentials 1 also receive a set of brushes designed specifically for the course. More details are available at

"Whether you are a recent high school student looking to start your own business, a stay-at-home-mom interested in starting new hobby, or a makeup artist wanting to refresh your skills, our first two online courses provide the foundation and confidence you will need to move forward," said Devawn Testagrossa, founder and CEO of MMA. "Now, there really is no excuse not to get started. We have taken essential coursework taught in our academy classrooms and made it accessible online through an engaging and interactive learning experience. We are confident that these courses, along with the courses that we add in the future, will inspire a number of people across the country to pursue a career in beauty, commercial or special effects makeup."

In Makeup Essentials 1, students will focus on the skills needed to properly apply makeup, from sanitation and color theory to facial anatomy, color correction and beauty application. Makeup Essentials 2 builds upon the first course, providing further instruction on application techniques, including facial zones, brow correction, shadow placement for eyes and color harmony. An Advanced Artistry course that builds on the first two courses and focuses on inspiring students is planned for the second quarter 2017.

Testagrossa added, "We developed our online courses because we know there are thousands of people out there that simply don't have the training resources around them or the ability to travel for our on-campus programs. We know there are some who are uncertain about how and where to begin. There is so much to learn, but we have created a program that truly is accessible to anyone, allowing them to learn the art of makeup without setting foot in a classroom."

Throughout the online courses, students are assessed on what they are learning. At the end of each course, students will take a course assessment using MMA's state-of-the-art interactive learning platform. If the students pass, they will receive a certificate of completion that they can add to their professional portfolios.

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Founded in 2010, Multimedia Makeup Academy (MMA) is a prestigious academy near Detroit, Mich. providing professional training for aspiring makeup artists. MMA's hands-on, practical classroom training and interactive online courses provide the foundation for a career in beauty, commercial or special effects. The academy's master artists train students how to gain, define, and refine their skills using unconventional and proprietary methods that inspire and add creativity to the MMA learning experience. For more information, visit, and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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