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WENTZVILLE, MO--(Marketwired - Feb 14, 2017) - It is estimated that most Americans do not have enough money saved up to deal with a $500 emergency, and most car repairs end up costing more that. There is no doubt that the services American Automotive Service Solutions offers are desperately needed, even if some people don't know it.

Many Americans rely on their dealership's warranty plan that helps them deal with an emergency car problem, but this does have an expiration date. Some opt to purchase an extended warranty, but these are usually expensive and cannot be customized.

There is also a growing number of people with bad credit or those who cannot afford new cars who are taking a gamble on a used vehicle. These people need some kind of help just in case their car breaks down, leaving them stranded on the road.

These types of vehicle service contracts provide customized service plans that can deal with common issues that cars are known to have. For example, older vehicles may have issues with the drive train or the transmission. Both of these issues can be pricey, but American Automotive Service Solutions can help carry that load.

Other vehicles like imports from Asia tend to have a problem with the fuel system with enough time. This can be added to the customized coverage plan.

Those who choose to trust American Automotive Service Solutions will rest easy knowing they do not have to worry about paying an expensive auto bill on their own.

It should be noted that this company also offers rentals in some of their plans. This is an important aspect to mention because car problems can take a few days to get fixed, especially if the repair shop is backed up.

Purchasing these types of contracts does take a little diligence. It is important to ask what is covered in each plan and what is not covered. Customers should find out what repair shops the service contract uses to take care of a car problem, just to make sure they are near their home.

Still, the benefits do pay off, even with some of the work that savvy Americans have to put in to purchase an effective vehicle service contract from American Automotive Service Solutions.

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