Dr. Sheila Shilati of Malibu, California Interviewed by 'The Simple Dollar' on Spending Addiction

MALIBU, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 27, 2017) - Dr. Sheila Shilati was recently interviewed by online publication 'The Simple Dollar' about spending addiction and how to treat it. Spending addiction is a real disease that effects millions of Americans around the country. It can be especially problematic due to the high amounts of credit available to American consumers -- debt can quickly mount when someone experiences extreme urges to spend.

Dr. Shilati took time to answer author Holly Johnson's questions on the illness. Dr. Shilati is a psychologist based in Malibu, California -- she is the Chief Operating Officer at the Seasons In Malibu addiction treatment facility. Her expertise includes opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, spending addiction, and many other chronic addiction conditions.

Dr. Shilati outlines five steps anyone who thinks they have an addiction to spending should take; recognize the problem, seek support, tell your family and close friends, think about core importances in your life, and accept the necessity of budgeting. She explains that spending addiction is not much different from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, spending addicts feel an impulsive need to spend and receive a short-lasting sense of euphoria from it. Eventually, spending turns into a guilt-ridden process that addict begin to hide from friends and family. Recognition of the psychology behind the condition is necessary for proper treatment -- many people still do not recognize it as a chronic problem.

The Simple Dollar is an online publication that publishes articles and interviews on a range of different household monetary issues. They seek to educate readers on investing, banking, and responsible use of a wide array of credit products. As an expert addiction psychologist, Dr. Shilati is often asked to comment for various publications and outlets on the causes and effects of addiction.

More information about money management can be found out The Simple Dollar's website: www.thesimpledollar.com/addicted-to-spending-heres-how-to-become-a-recovering-spender/

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