Ramp Announces Next Release of AltitudeCDN, Common Enterprise Streaming Infrastructure for Video Distribution

Enterprise-grade multicasting and video caching eliminate network congestion caused by streaming video inside the firewall

BOSTON, April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ramp, the leading provider of next-generation enterprise video delivery solutions for large enterprises, announced today the latest release of AltitudeCDN™, the company’s flagship suite of software solutions for optimizing the distribution of streaming video behind the corporate firewall.

As organizations increase the use of video for business communications, the effects of bandwidth-intensive video traffic on the corporate network become more pronounced and can even put business-critical applications at risk. Deploying an enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) optimizes the flow of video, alleviating network congestion and significantly reducing bandwidth consumption.

AltitudeCDN provides solutions for the two most popular approaches to deploying an eCDN. Multicast+ is the next-generation of multicasting for live video streaming and a highly-sought solution for companies still relying on unsupported multicast products from Microsoft and Cisco or Flash-based solutions. OmniCache™ is an advanced video caching solution for both live and on-demand video. With the new release of AltitudeCDN, Altimeter has enhanced enterprise management capabilities, including support for OmniCache, making it the only centralized management system for enterprise-grade multicasting and video caching in the market.

The full suite of AltitudeCDN software-based solutions can be deployed on existing network infrastructure, an affordable and scalable alternative to proprietary WAN optimization solutions or expensive network upgrades. Built to support the future of industry-standard streaming protocols, AltitudeCDN is a proven vendor-neutral solution that serves as a universal video distribution infrastructure regardless of the number and variety of streaming platforms in use throughout an organization.

“With the recent divestitures of our transcription and video content management businesses, Ramp is now fully committed to the business of solving video delivery problems inside the enterprise,” said Tom Racca, CEO of Ramp. “No one can deny the explosive growth of video as a means of business communication, nor the potential impact to network bandwidth. Every enterprise has a unique set of circumstances. Our eCDN solutions align to the principles of a common enterprise streaming infrastructure, principles that are imperatives for IT, such as scalability, security, and reliability, to name a few. AltitudeCDN is the only solution of its kind and we are pleased to be going to market with so many great partners to ensure organizations get the most value possible from their video investments.”

Over the past six months, Ramp has been formalizing technology partnerships with many of the market’s leading video platform providers. Recognizing the need to solve distribution problems behind the firewall, partners are now integrating AltitudeCDN directly into their solutions.

The new release of AltitudeCDN is generally available starting today. To learn more visit ramp.com/altitudecdn/.

About Ramp

Ramp provides next-generation video delivery solutions to help organizations unleash video in the enterprise. Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network, AltitudeCDN™, provides simple and secure multicasting and advanced caching software to optimize video traffic behind the firewall. The result is high-quality, stable transmissions from virtually any video source without expensive network upgrades or proprietary infrastructures and custom video players. Many Global 2000 companies, including Fortune 500 leaders, benefit from Ramp’s enterprise solutions. Ramp is headquartered in Boston and can be reached at (857) 202-3500 or ramp.com.



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