Condusiv Releases First-ever “Time Saved” Dashboard for I/O Optimization Software

Condusiv’s I/O reduction software platform for virtual and physical servers now shows the intrinsic value of solving Windows write inefficiencies in terms of “I/O time saved” to help organizations understand the extent of performance penalties to their storage and what is gained by solving

BURBANK, Calif., April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Condusiv® Technologies, the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions, today announced a new reporting dashboard that highlights the benefits from solving Windows write inefficiencies at the source where I/O is created at the server level. This new “time saved” dashboard offers full transparency to performance gains, so organizations can quickly ascertain their return on investment (ROI) when evaluating Condusiv I/O reduction software.

“For the first time ever, organizations can install a trial version of our software and see the exact performance penalty they have been paying when it comes to Windows write inefficiencies that dampen hybrid and all-flash array (AFA) storage performance with excessively small writes and reads. In addition, organizations can immediately see the performance benefit of our 2nd patented engine that automatically serves reads from idle, available DRAM that isn’t being used,” said Brian Morin, SVP Sales & Marketing, Condusiv Technologies.

Morin continued, “Since no one understands how much Windows write inefficiencies dampen hybrid and all-flash storage performance, nor understands how much performance can be improved by establishing a tier-0 cache strategy with idle, available DRAM, we were compelled to develop the first-ever “time saved” dashboard for an I/O optimization software platform that is fully transparent concerning the extent of performance benefits.”

When Condusiv software eliminates the surplus of small, fractured writes and reads and ensures more “payload” with every I/O operation, the net effect is fewer write and read operations for any given workload, which saves time. When Condusiv software caches hot reads within idle, available DRAM, the net effect is fewer reads traversing the full stack down to storage and back, which also saves time. Condusiv’s top-of-the-stack awareness enables it to aggregate the number of I/Os eliminated from storage and how much “I/O time” was saved as a result.

Condusiv’s latest dashboard reveals:

  • How many write I/Os are eliminated by ensuring large, clean, contiguous writes from Windows
  • How many read I/Os are cached from idle DRAM
  • What percentage of write and read traffic is offloaded from underlying SSD or HDD storage
  • Most importantly, the dashboard relates the value of I/O reduction to “I/O time saved”

“Since Condusiv software sits within the Windows operating system, it is aware of latency to storage and understands just how much time is saved by serving an I/O operation from DRAM instead of the underlying SSD or HDD. And, most importantly, since the fastest I/O is the one you don’t have to write, Condusiv software understands how much time is saved by eliminating multiple small, fractured writes with fewer, larger contiguous writes. As a result, it has never been easier for organizations to quickly and easily understand the business benefit of I/O reduction software to any one system or group of systems,” said Morin.

Morin continued, “Often times the biggest inhibitor to organizations adopting new technologies that drive efficiency is the lack of tools necessary to demonstrate what it means to the business. The other factor is lack of time to dive headfirst into an expansive before/after proof-of-concept to ascertain unknown and unproven value. Our latest dashboard streamlines this process so even the busiest IT departments can “kick the tires” on a new efficiency play without investing more than 15-minutes to evaluate.”

The new “I/O time saved” dashboard is included with V-locity v6.2 for virtual servers, Diskeeper 16 for physical servers and PCs, and SSDkeeper® for PCs with SSD drives.

More information and a free 30-day software trial can be found at:

What People are Saying
“Condusiv served over 50 percent of my reads from DRAM and eliminated over 30 percent of write traffic, now everything is more responsive!” - David Bruce, managing partner, David Bruce & Associates.

“Our Symantec app has been notoriously slow for as long as I can remember, but since adding Condusiv software, it has improved significantly.” - Josh Currier, network infrastructure manager, Munters Corp.

“Our most I/O intensive applications needed some help, and we were amazed by the performance boost!” - Victor Grandmaiter, IT director, Fort Bend Central Appraisal District.

“Condusiv’s software doubled our throughput, so we could backup in half the time! Our Dell Rapid Recovery backup server is running smoother than ever.” - Curtis Jackson, network administrator, School City of Hammond.

“Condusiv’s software eliminated 32% of my write traffic and cached 64% of my read traffic within idle memory. This saved over 20 hours in I/O time after 24 days of testing!” - Lou Goodreau, IT manager, New England Fishery.

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