UPDATE - Novatio Solutions Launches to Deliver Efficient, Scalable Digital Workforce Technology

Company partners with leading robotic process automation providers to deliver significant cost, efficiency and productivity benefits to enterprises

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Apr 26, 2017) -  The founders of Solai & Cameron today publicly announced Novatio Solutions, a new company focused on delivering efficient, scalable Digital Workforce technology. Novatio builds on Solai & Cameron's 25 years of experience developing best practices in operational transformation. Novatio Digital Workforce automates repetitive business tasks while freeing companies' human capital for more value-added activities.

Novatio, which is based in Chicago, has teams of robotic process automation (RPA) developers across the United States, Europe and India. The teams work to integrate various RPA solutions, including Blueprism, to develop and manage robust digital workforces. The technology is customized to meet clients' individual needs and processes.

"The Novatio team understands automation and what it takes to transform business operations," said Gokul N. Solai, head of products and alliances for Novatio. "Our goal is to use digital workforce solutions to make everyone's life easier, from the CEO to the person answering the phones. We started Novatio because we saw the need to bridge innovation and automation in order to streamline how services are delivered. A digital workforce can automate a wide-range of business processes to improve efficiencies, reduce errors, and increase compliance in a cost-effective, highly reliable, non-disruptive way."

Traditionally, companies have sought to outsource repetitive and low-valued administrative and business tasks. The negative effects of outsourcing, however, can nullify any workforce capacity improvements and cost savings that it generates. Novatio Digital Workforce ensures that repetitive business processes are completed more efficiently while allowing the human workforce to focus on high-value initiatives.

Solai added, "Imagine a workforce that is cost-effective, reliable, flexible, instantly scalable, consistent, 100 percent accurate and operates 24x7x365. Now imagine empowering your best employees to dedicate their time to their most important responsibilities. This is the power behind Novatio Digital Workforce."

About Novatio Solutions
Novatio is a new Digital Workforce solutions provider from the founders of Solai & Cameron Technologies. The company capitalizes on Solai & Cameron's 25 years of experience developing best practices in operational transformation. Novatio harmonizes multiple robotic process automation (RPA) tools along with next generation technology to create a customized digital workforce. Consequently, Novatio's clients benefit from added capacity, scalability and efficiency. Novatio has streamlined business processes for clients across a variety of industries, including IT, Healthcare, financial, Insurance, and government. For more information, visit NovatioSolutions.com.

Contact Information:

Gokul Solai
Head of Products and Alliances
Novatio Solutions

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