Zagster Brings Bike Sharing to the Peoria Area

PEORIA, IL--(Marketwired - May 17, 2017) - Enjoy Peoria and Zagster, Inc. have launched a new bike-share program that will provide all Peoria Area residents and visitors with a convenient, affordable and healthy way to get around town.

Starting May 19, City Cycle cruiser bikes will be available at six Peoria Area stations for members to use for on-demand, local trips. Riders can pay as they go, or join the program by signing up for weekly, monthly or annual packages. Rides for members -- who must be 18 or older -- are free for the first hour, and then three dollars per hour after that.

"We are excited that the Peoria Area is joining communities across the country by implementing a bike share program," said Enjoy Peoria Community Development Manager Kaci Geier. "Bike transportation is a healthy means of getting around and adds vibrancy to our community."

City Cycle bike share features the Zagster 8, an award-winning bike known for its practical design, comfortable ride and easy handling. The bike includes a spacious basket that's perfect for carrying groceries, takeout, or personal belongings. And because rider safety is a priority, every bike includes automatic lights, a bell, and full reflectors.

City Cycle bike share promises to ease commutes, but it also unlocks vast recreational opportunities for exercise and fun. Unlike big-city bike shares, in which riders must drop off bikes at designated stations for every stop, the built-in lock on every Zagster bike gives users the freedom to ride as long as they want, wherever they want. This hybrid model, which blends dockless locking for mid-trip stops with fixed station locations for beginning and ending rides, allows users to plan their trips around their destinations -- and not around station locations.

Zagster's turnkey business model also lowers the cost and complexity of bike sharing to both the community and riders while providing the entire community with a complete, convenient and modular system.

Riding City Cycle is easy. Bikes can be found via the free Zagster Mobile App -- available for iPhone and Android -- or online at Each bike has a unique number that riders enter into the app to disengage the ring lock and docking cable at the touch of a button. (Alternatively, riders can obtain unlock codes via text message to use with an on-bike keypad.) A retractable cable mounted to the bike allows the bike to be secured to any fixed object throughout a trip for mid-ride stops. After the rider returns the bike to a designated Zagster bike station, the rental ends and the bike is available for the next person to enjoy.

Enjoy Peoria will unveil the program at a kickoff ceremony at Peoria City Hall on May 19 at 10AM. The event will include a ceremonial ribbon-cutting with remarks from Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis, East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus, Peoria Heights Mayor Michael Phelan and Enjoy Peoria President/CEO Don Welch.

About Zagster
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Zagster is the leading provider of private and public-private bike-sharing systems in the United States. Zagster works directly with more than 150 communities in more than 30 states to make bike sharing available in areas where traditional bike-share providers can't reach. Its efficient business model allows the company to successfully deploy in multiple markets, including cities, suburbs, universities, commercial campuses and residential properties. Zagster manages all aspects of its programs -- from bikes and technology, to maintenance and marketing -- enabling Zagster's partners to create and deploy scalable bike-share systems that best suit their communities. The company's goal: To make the bike the most loved form of transportation. 

More information about Zagster and its programs can be found at

Contact Information:

Media contact for Zagster
Jon Terbush
Zagster Communications Manager

Media Contact for Enjoy Peoria
Kaci Geier
Enjoy Peoria Community Development Manager