Bike Share Upgraded to Streamline & Simplify Rider Experience

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwired - May 17, 2017) -  It just got easier than ever to join, ride and enjoy the Fort Collins Bike Share with the debut this month of a complete upgrade and expansion of the existing system. The upgrade includes a new mobile app and locking system that lets riders rent and ride bikes at the touch of a button on their phones. A sleek new interface on the mobile app streamlines the process of creating a new account and offers easy access to rider support, while new mapping technology provides point-by-point directions to the nearest docking station. Finally, 11 bikes and three new locations will be added to the fleet, making bike sharing even more convenient.

Developed by Fort Collins' bike share provider, Zagster, the new technology platform is the first of its kind in the U.S. bike share industry -- and Fort Collins is one of the first programs in the nation to offer it to riders.

"As we start our second year of the bike share system we are excited by the continued growth and the improvements rolled out this spring. The new locking technology, additional station locations, and reduced fares are making bike share even more accessible and convenient for our residents and visitors," says FC Bikes Program Manager, Tessa Greegor.

Now, with just the single touch of a button in the new Zagster app, riders can control a Bluetooth-enabled locking system that features two points of security. A ring lock prevents the rear wheel from spinning or being removed, and two sturdy cables -- one at each station dock, and one on each bike -- connect to the ring lock, allowing riders to either tether bikes to Zagster stations at the end of their trips, or to public bike racks for mid-ride stops.

This unique hybrid model, which blends dockless locking for mid-trip stops with fixed station locations for beginning and ending rides, is key because it allows Fort Collins' riders to plan their trips around their destinations -- and not just around station locations. And because the locking system has no detachable pieces that could be misplaced or misused, the new user experience is versatile, convenient and hassle-free.

The system upgrades come on the heels of the League of American Bicyclists recognizing Fort Collins once again with a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community (BFCSM) award, making Fort Collins one of only five communities in the nation to receive the honor.

The Fort Collins Bike Share now features 87 bikes at 20 locations and a new updated pricing. Join as an annual ($60) or weekly ($15) member and get one hour per trip free (two hours on weekends). You can also start riding without a membership for just $2 per hour. More information, including a map of locations and a registration form, can be found at

About Zagster 
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Zagster is the largest and fastest-growing bike-share provider in the United States. Zagster works directly with more than 150 communities in more than 30 states across North America to make bike sharing available in areas where traditional bike-share providers can't reach. Unlike other programs in which riders must drop off bikes at designated stations for every stop, Zagster's programs give users the freedom to ride as long as they want, wherever they want. And because Zagster manages all aspects of its programs -- from bikes and technology, to maintenance and marketing -- Zagster partners can create and deploy scalable bike-share systems that best suit their needs and work within their budgets.

More information about Zagster and its programs can be found at

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