American Automotive Services Solutions Offers An Alternative For Used Car Owners

WENTZVILLE, MO--(Marketwired - Jun 12, 2017) - American Automotive Service Solutions is proud to offer people an opportunity to avoid buying high-priced vehicles or leasing a car they will never own.

The Rise in Car Prices

It might not be common knowledge, but reports show that cars are becoming more expensive. The jumps have been a 2 to 4 percent increase, which is significant, especially considering how much a vehicle can cost in these modern times.

Many of the vehicles going up in price are economy vehicles. Yes, luxury vehicles are also rising, but the problem is this issue is affecting vehicles that are meant to be affordable for those working for modest pay.

Dealerships, car manufacturers, and others who stand to gain from these changes are likely happy about the prices going up since it means more money for them. Some might believe this will help circulate money, which can help the economy, but this is not what most people think.

 Car Ownership is Becoming a Luxury

The fact of the matter is the majority of people feel that owning a car is more of a luxury in today's modern world. A group of people prefer to use ride-sharing services instead of buying a vehicle. These services are becoming quite popular throughout the country. This does not mean that everyone can take advantage of this option because these services have not reached smaller cities or even some major medium-sized cities in the United States.

Of course, there may come a time when these services reach other cities, but the likelihood of them reaching remote areas of the US is slim, making car ownership a must for some. American Automotive Service Solutions is offering an opportunity for some of these people to own a car when many car ownership opportunities are closing up.

No one will deny that a car may be necessary; some jobs require potential candidates to have a reliable car before they hire them. Those without reliable transportation usually do not get the job because there is another candidate with a car. Employers can hire someone without a car, but they prefer someone with one, which only makes sense from their point of view. Many potential employees know this, which puts them in a bind. There was a time when buying a new car was easy, but that has changed.

Most Americans cannot deal with an emergency beyond $500, let alone have enough to cover a down payment for a new car. Everyone knows that the hardest part of buying a new car is coming up with the high down payment that is required. A person making more than enough may be able to afford the down payment, but many Americans cannot.

Some people in the United States believe the recession is over, which is partly true. Things are looking better as time moves on, but that does not mean people are not feeling the ramifications of the recession. Many people are simply not making enough money.

Problems Facing Americans

American Automotive Service Solutions knows that many Americans are in trouble at the moment. One major issue, besides the rise of new car prices, is the abundance of part-time jobs.

Sure, some states are doing their best to battle this epidemic, but there are more part-time jobs than some would like to admit. These part-time jobs do not provide enough for a family to live comfortably let alone buy a decent car. Most of the time, it forces workers to take on more than one job to make ends meet. This means commuting becomes more vital to those who are taking more than one job, which makes a car equivalent to a lifeboat.

The problems keep piling up because most Americans who are struggling to make ends meet usually do not have credit or have bad credit. This means the cars they would like to buy will cost them a lot more because they are a bigger risk. From a business standpoint, this makes sense. But from a human standpoint, it does not make sense that things would be harder for those who are struggling the most.

There is also a rise of student debt like never seen before. These debts are so much that they freeze the people who have them, especially young people. Most of the debtors cannot qualify for additional loans because their outstanding loans are too large. More than that, the individuals with large loans do not have much money to spare, even if a new car is important.

The other problem facing Americans is unpaid medical bills. Health care is quite expensive in this country, even with some of the changes made to health care. The premiums to join an insurance company is still too much for families to bare. Perhaps this is one reason why ideas like universal health care and free college are starting to appeal to more and more Americans. The arguments for both are simple: education benefits the country, making everyone more employable, and no one should die because they cannot afford health care.

It is clear that some people in the US are facing hardships, yet a car is still necessary.

 A Questionable Solution

Everyone knows there are bound to be solutions to problems, but that does not mean the solutions are always reasonable. One solution that is offered to many people who are in debt or have credit issues is a financing option.

Sadly, all financing companies are not the same, and many people with bad credit get stuck and must go to these businesses. These questionable companies are not transparent about their practices. They target people with money issues in hopes of luring them into purchasing a car, even though they are going to be paying interest rates that are beyond what they can afford. It is possible that these companies are betting on the likelihood that the individual who signs with them will not be able to pay the loan, which means the car can be repossessed. The vehicle is returned to the car dealership, and the lender gets to lure another person with similar issues.

American Automotive Service Solutions can see, just like others who are paying attention, that these types of loans are not helpful for people. The price to pay for a new car is simply not worth it for some people.

Why People are Turned off by Used Vehicles

American Automotive Service Solutions offers contracts to people who own used cars. This is something they have been doing for some time. The warranties are usually called car service contracts and are giving people with used cars a little peace.

Some may be wondering why American Automotive Service Solutions offers peace to used car owners, and it is simply because they know vehicular issues should not be a burden for people.

The problem is that most people usually do not want a used car. One reason some do not want a used car is simply vanity. People can look at TV shows, movies, or videos on the internet and feel pressured into buying a new car instead of an older one. This may not seem like a good motivator to buy a new car, but it is, especially if the person dreams of something better. The idea that to be successful one has to project a prosperous image is cemented in American culture, and it can lead people to make mistakes sometimes.

American culture keeps moving forward with great optimism. This is why people who are poor believe that one day they will be rich, forgetting that a capitalist society cannot reward everyone with riches. This system could be seen as a pyramid scheme where only a few make it to the top and the rest won't, yet most Americans believe that they will make it. They keep striving for the best as they should, but there is another side to this.

This mentality also drives people to buy a new car instead of a used one. A person hears how much he or she will have to pay. The amount seems steep, yet they believe that it is possible to pay. Financing a new car does not only require a huge down payment but also monthly installments that could get high for those with bad credit. These payments are forced on a person for about 5 years, yet there are some that end up paying for 8 years or more after refinancing. Some end up paying a bill that is higher or about as high as renting an apartment.

Keep in mind that anything could happen in five to eight years, yet a car buyer still believes that he or she will be able to pay. It is a combination of optimism and the promises made by new car dealerships that make Americans believe that a new car is attainable, meaning they do not have to get a used car.

There is also the belief that older vehicles are unreliable. There may be some truth to that, but that does not mean new cars do not have any mechanical issues. Of course, the benefit is that new cars do come with warranties that last around five years, which does sound great since the buyer will not have to worry about mechanical costs for those first few years.

Older vehicles do not come with this kind of warranty, and many believe that their car is going to break down or an issue is going to spring up that is going to be expensive. It makes sense to worry about these kinds of issues because a transmission problem can cost a person more than $800 and so could many other problems like radiator failure or gasket issues. All of these mechanical issues could definitely hurt a person.

Still, it should be noted that most people who buy a new car will pay a monthly installment price of $300 to $600, though there are others who pay more depending on their credit. Finance companies also require new car owners to have full insurance coverage to protect their vehicles. They want to make sure that the car will be repaired if the owner gets into an accident. This is done to prevent people from neglecting the car after an accident because the owner could not fix it. The insurance will pay for the damages, and the lender will be able to sell the car again. Car insurance can cost up to $300. Of course, some people pay a lower or higher price depending on their driving record and other variables.

This means a new car owner could end up paying $1,000 a month plus additional expenses just to keep a new car. That is a lot of money that a person may pay, even though he or she might be struggling financially. Yes, new car ownership seems appealing until some of the layers are peeled back and the details are brought to the light.

A Smarter Solution

Many people are skipping car ownership. Millennials are opting out because they are using those ride-sharing apps, but it is likely that they are also opting out because of student debt. American Automotive Service Solutions removes the stigma of owning an older vehicle.

Millennials do not have to let go of the idea of owning a car or being independent. Those people out there who are starting to see that owning a new car is a little out of their reach can still get a used car at a reasonable price and not worry about excessive car payments.

Yes, an older car may have problems, but more Americans are keeping their used cars or are buying used cars. American Automotive Service Solutions saw some of these changes and decided to provide peace of mind. Getting a car service contract to cover some basic parts of a car like the transmission or the fuel line should make it easier for drivers to enjoy the luxury of a car without worrying about mechanical expenses.

American Automotive Service Solutions offers different packages that could include roadside assistance and even car rental services, just in case a defective car needs to stay in the shop a few days. People who live in areas with little transportation options can still get a used car and rely on American Automotive Service Solutions to make it dependable.

This company only contracts mechanics who are certified and will make sure that any issue that arises is dealt with diligently so that it does not come back again.

Data shows that the price of used cars is actually going down. This is likely due to the fact that more Americans are starting to see that buying a used car is a better option -- compared to going in debt when money is scarce.

Yes, there are some who purchase a used car from a dealership, which can mean payments, but they are usually lower. This also means the dealership may offer some type of warranty. Of course, it is a good idea to take the warranty as long as it covers what it should. Now that American Automotive Service Solutions is becoming popular many car owners are opting to find their own car service contract because the packages can be a lot cheaper than what dealerships offer.

Others can simply buy a car with cash from a third party, and they avoid payments altogether. No matter how the car is purchased, trusting American Automotive Service Solutions makes any older car a reliable one.

Buying a used car is not too much of a gamble nowadays since many people are deciding to stick with their cars after purchasing them. Years ago, some of these people would have probably traded in their car for something newer, but because of times, they are keeping them a little longer. The chances are high that those buying from a third party are buying a car that had only one owner, which increases the chance that the vehicle is in good condition.

Owning a used car means the owner gets to decide what kind of insurance he or she wants. There is no need to get the premium insurance that is required when purchasing a new car, so cheaper insurance can be chosen.

The savings some can enjoy by simply letting go of the idea of purchasing a new car is worth it, especially if people have American Automotive Service Solutions on their side because they will take care the headaches associated with used cars.

American culture, the state of finances, and the way car manufacturers are pricing their vehicles are starting to change the way people look at car ownership. There is no better time for a company like American Automotive Service Solutions to offer their solutions, which is perhaps one of the best ways to own a car without the pitfalls.

No one is saying that opting for a used car will solve all problems since debt, part time jobs, and other issues will still plague some Americans, but owning a used car can make things a little less stressful.

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