Ultima's Famed Lord British Joins Forces with NEVERDIE to Unite Millions of Gamers in Ethereum-Based Gaming Under NDC Token

MMORPG pioneer and Ultima creator, Richard "Lord British" Garriott to advise NEVERDIE Studios on cross-platform gaming infrastructure on Ethereum Blockchain

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 19, 2017) - NEVERDIE (https://neverdie.com/), the most established name in real currency MMORPG's and Virtual Worlds, today announced that Richard Garriott, Ultima creator and famed MMORPG pioneer, has joined NEVERDIE Studios' advisory team to provide strategic insight and creative balance to building NEVERDIE's revolutionary gaming infrastructure on Ethereum Blockchain. Garriott's background includes pioneering and exploring both the natural and virtual world as a founding father of the commercial spaceflight industry and videogame industry. Garriott will lend his varied expertise in these fields to provide strategic advice regarding the gamification of NEVERDIE's platform using Teleport tokens and NEVERDIE Coins.

The Teleport token will be used to transport across worlds, seamlessly from one game to another while the NEVERDIE Coin will be used to buy new lives. Both coins will ultimately be used to create a monetized infrastructure that will drive the growth of the virtual goods economy, thus supporting gamified jobs as a way to offset traditional jobs lost to AI and VR advancements. The endeavor between Lord British and NEVERDIE will underscore this effort by championing avatar rights and creating economic opportunity for gamers and longevity for games and virtual worlds.

"This is a meeting of gaming's most brilliant minds in order to truly change and preserve the gaming economy," said Jon Jacobs, CEO of NEVERDIE. "Having the wise council of Richard 'Lord British' Garriott, a Legendary Avatar, Adventurer and World Builder, will provide priceless insight into the development of the gamified Virtual Reality infrastructure to unite MMORPGS and Virtual Worlds. I'm confident in the success of our noble ambitions."

The vision is to harness the economic might of gamers to create an inclusive new gamified economy on the blockchain that triggers exponential growth through universal game tokens that build bridges between worlds, thus creating meaningful economic opportunities for billions of skilled gamers around the world. The Ethereum blockchain with its ERC20 token standard, provides the means for MMORPG and Virtual World goods to become inter-operable through peer to peer trading, the blockchain ledger, and decentralized, transparent smart contract game mechanics.

Specifically, Lord British will provide insight into the structure of the VR government, which will be granted an endowment of Teleport tokens and NEVERDIE Coins. Lord British will advise as teleporters are built to connect virtual worlds. He will also participate in the creative balancing of NEVERDIE's universal game economy.

"What NEVERDIE is building is far beyond just gamification and monetization -- they are proposing a new VR economy that is poised to fundamentally shift when, where and why people engage in gaming," said Richard Garriott. "When I first started in RPG and MMORPGs, I only imagined gaming would lead to this; and now I'm thrilled to offer my years of expertise toward building a system that can solve real world economic problems with gaming."

England-born actor, musician, and filmmaker, Jon Jacobs, founded iconic avatar NEVERDIE in 2002 in Entropia Universe and became the first gamer to earn a million dollars within a virtual world. His virtual mining asteroid, Club NEVERDIE entered the 2008 Guinness Book of Records as the most valuable virtual item in the world. Jon then founded NEVERDIE Studios and worked on Virtual Destinations for Pop culture Icons; including Michael Jackson, Lemmy and Universal Studios' KING KONG. NEVERDIE Studios developed and currently operates ROCKtropia Virtual World, the first and only MMORPG that completely disrupts all existing game business models, by paying any player $10 -$15 per month to engage in gamified jobs. In 2016 Jon won the first democratic elections to become the first President of Virtual Reality. His mission as President is to create one billion gamified jobs. In 2017 Jon launched the NEVERDIE Coin and the Teleport token on the Ethereum Blockchain to facilitate virtual democracy and finance the development of a multiplatform virtual goods economy with DApps, including AmeVRica, AsgardVR and Payatar. www.neverdie.com

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