HELLENIC COIN (HNC) Cryptocurrency Launches New Website – www.helleniccoin.com

NEW YORK, Aug. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hellenic Coin (LIVECOIN:HNC), a progressive cryptocurrency, announces the launch of its new website, www.helleniccoin.com.

The redesigned website improves and streamlines a user friendliness and ergonomic appeal. The design changes and page layouts provide a vastly improved user experience.

New pages, new features, along with an ease of use, viewers interested in HNC’s currency can receive a great functionality overview and understand the people behind the “blockchain” of this crypto coin.

Coin specs, the advisory board, partner page, merchant info, security, and coin’s exchange pages provide comprehensive information to help with due diligence on HNC. The product section is improved, now available for more information and an optimized navigation structure.

The website provides a transparency enabling individuals and entities a complete understanding of the history and workability of Hellenic Coin’s position in the trading growth and acceptance of cryptocurrency for all elements of commerce.

For more information about Hellenic Coins, its trading platform and merchant acceptance, contact, Rich Kaiser, YES INTERNATIONAL, www.yesinternational.com, 757-306-6090 and yes@yesinternational.com 


HELLENIC COIN (HNC) established in 2015 uses the technology of “LiteCoin” coin, similar to “BitCoin,”  with different algorithms and blockchain. With the world economies in flux and uncertain, HNC provides the world with an alternative currency the people can believe in, backed by precious metals, carbon credits, and leading cryptocurrencies.  HNC positioned itself to be an aggressive coin in the cryptocurrency sector which has an ever increasing stored value and wider acceptability in monetary transactions.


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