Paytronix Brings Individual Consumer Data to Convenience Stores with Powerful POS Integrations

New Gilbarco, NCR and Verifone POS Integrations coupled with proven software enable convenience store chains to nurture customer relationships and motivate targeted, incremental visits and purchases

NEWTON, Mass., Aug. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program software, today announced that it has expanded its rewards platform with integrations to three additional Point of Sale (POS) systems -- Gilbarco Passport, NCR Radiant and Verifone Commander -- the most prevalent POS solutions for convenience stores. The newly completed integrations complement Paytronix's 30 other POS integrations and help merchants deliver a brand-differentiating guest experience.

On July 6, rapidly-growing Des Moines-based convenience store chain Yesway launched a new user-friendly rewards program built on the Paytronix Rewards platform. Integrated directly with Yesway’s Gilbarco and NCR Radiant POS systems, the new Yesway Rewards program bolsters the value that the program delivers to both the brand and its customers, eliminating many manual processes. During Yesway’s loyalty provider evaluations, all of the major loyalty players were thoroughly analyzed to consider the pros and cons of each solution.

“One of our core requirements for the Yesway Rewards programs was a robust analytics and segmentation platform,” said Darrin Samaha, VP, and Brand Manager. “Now that we are underway with our program, without question, the Paytronix platform provides us with out-of-the-box marketing tools our organization needs. We are able to leverage the analytics platform and the Paytronix Data Insights team to better understand our customers and know when and where to help them to extract more revenue from the customer journey.”

The point of sale system is the central point of guest engagement for most retailers. With the pre-configured Paytronix integrations, convenience stores can quickly implement rewards programs and benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Customer Identification — Brands have multiple options to tie a customer’s account to the rewards program using a plastic card, mobile check-in, or guest lookup via telephone number at the POS.
  • Real-time Accrual and Redemption — Points accrue and rewards are redeemed in the moment a transaction is completed at the POS.
  • Customer Engagement Tools — C-stores can message customers on multiple channels including email, push, pull, and SMS with tailored communications triggered by POS activity.
  • Reporting and Data Analysis — Consumer POS behavior insights and reporting capabilities facilitate a better understanding of each customer, the delivery of relevant offers, reduce cannibalized sales, and accurately report outstanding liability.  
  • Check-level Purchase Data — Ties granular purchase behavior from the POS to each individual reward program member.

“POS integration is the lifeblood of the Paytronix platform. It connects the data being collected in the field to our powerful backend system where marketers employ a 1-to-1 marketing strategy,” said Michelle Tempesta, Head of Marketing, Paytronix. “Our ability to pull data from and push it to the POS changes the customer experience by making it more relevant and personal in the store, thereby establishing a deeper bond between the customer and the brand.”  

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