Ammar Jali's Dominos Provides Refreshments For Darrin Walls Foundation's Annual Football Camp

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - Aug 20, 2017) - Darrin Walls is not only known as one of the most eligible NFL players, but his compassion towards disadvantaged youth can be seen through his humanitarian works and philanthropic causes. 

The Darrin Walls Foundation has been working with the local community of Pittsburg create a safe haven for disadvantaged and 'at risk' children have a better life. Sports driven programs and community services allow them to have a healthy lifestyle and get better educational opportunities.

The civic organization understands the importance of building a strong commitment to child development and creating a better connection with children who are discriminated. Their works through sports awareness and development create an avenue for these kids to learn more about themselves and have a fighting chance for survival.

This month, The Darrin Walls Foundation will host its annual Football Camp free for children who wish to hone their football playing skills and gain a better knowledge of the sport. The Annual Football Camp is open to boys and girls aged 7-17 and the event will be hosted by The Neighborhood Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. Program activities will start from 10 A.M. till 1:30 P.M. with drills and a host of other activities.

The annual free Football Camp targets inner city children most especially those who live in Allegheny County. This is a good venue for kids and parents who would like to share a bonding experience, learn about the sports, and become part of the society through community services and workshops that target skills honing and confidence building.

The event will be overseen and instructed by professional athletes who are well versed in the discipline of professional football. Educational workshops and sports coaching will also be done during the event with selected guest speakers from different backgrounds. The football clinic will be beneficial not just for your child's physical and mental development, but will also open doors to educational resources for your child and the family.

Darrin Walls Foundation has several other community programs including an annual clothing drive to help less fortunate local residents, a back to school drive donating school provisions to children, and a scholarship program to help kids get a better future.

Ammar Jali's Dominos in Pittsburgh will work closely with the foundation to get the message across to the community. They will be part of the social media campaign awareness to promote the event and as a leading partner of the annual affair.

Ammar Jali & Dominos will also be particiapting in their annual walk to raise money for St. Judes at the Philadelphia Zoo on September 23, 2017. 

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