Storm season looms even as 'Harvey' recovery continues

Interstate Restoration warns, 'Don't let down guard against hurricanes'

FORT WORTH, TEXAS--(Marketwired - Sep 1, 2017) - Facing forecasts for yet another hurricane bearing down on the United States, Interstate Restoration is reminding everyone, especially business owners, to take some important steps toward preparation. This foresight is especially critical under current conditions, in which so much of the nation's hurricane-battling resources are directed toward the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, said Interstate Restoration CEO Stacy Mazur.

Interstate Restoration is one of the nation's leading full-service emergency restoration and reconstruction firms; and even as the company is pouring people and equipment into the Houston area, Mazur is keeping a watchful eye on the possibility that a storm called Hurricane Irma could possibly hit the eastern seaboard or gulf coast in the coming days.

"Forecasts are targeting potential landfall impact from Irma within a week to 12 days, and if it happens, it will stretch many of the nation's resources thin," Mazur said. "But we will mobilize and respond as best we can."

Less than a month after Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in 2005, another hurricane called Rita hit the U.S. at the west end of that state, causing more damage and heartache in the region.

Interstate Restoration warns that there are myriad issues that businesses should address in terms of hurricane preparedness, Mazur said. But the three main ones are these:

  • Have an emergency action plan in which you emphasize the safety of your employees and customers; and if you haven't reviewed that plan in a while, this is the time.
  • Know your insurance policies and consider ways in which you might temporarily replace the critical elements of your business that you might lose, including shelter, power, water, equipment and supplies.
  • Contact a trusted restoration company, discuss the company's availability (especially vis-à-vis current conditions), and establish some tentative procedures.

Of the many other issues to consider, especially in a hurricane, is the way that you might protect your building from the elements. For instance, if you have time and if you can do it safely, check to make sure your gutters and drains are clear.

"Interstate Restoration focuses recovery efforts on helping people and businesses when they need it most," said Mazur; "and we are most pleased when we arrive on-scene and notice how well people have managed to minimize the storm's impact with preparedness tactics. Some of those simple actions go a long way toward helping us get a business back on its feet as quickly as possible."

About Interstate Restoration

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