Harris Corporation Expands Sourcing Solutions with JAGGAER

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Sept. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JAGGAER, producers of the world’s most comprehensive Source to Pay (S2P) solutions suite, today announced that technology innovator Harris Corporation has selected JAGGAER’s unique Advanced Sourcing Optimizer solution to automate and optimize strategic sourcing and to facilitate better informed strategic decisions for Harris’ sourcing demands.

Following a thorough benchmarking process for contract management solutions last year, Harris successfully transitioned from JAGGAER’s Contract Director to Total Contract Manager solution. The company has reported increased efficiencies in the solution’s cloud-based, centralized platform and in the ability to use its existing databases to drive its own specific internal metrics. Harris also noted an increase in efficiency with the solution’s templates and clause library. This positive experience led the company to extend its relationship with JAGGAER in a recent employment of JAGGAER’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer solution.

“JAGGAER is thrilled to be expanding our relationship with Harris to now include our innovative advanced global sourcing solution, the only one of its kind to provide built-in bidding enhancements, scenario builders and complex item consolidation capabilities to enable users to make the best sourcing decisions possible,” said Rob Bonavito, CEO, JAGGAER. “We value the positive rapport we’ve built with Harris, and look forward to assisting in future solution expansions within their enterprise.”

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