WebPsychology Launches Online Platform to Help 
Individuals With Depression, Anxiety and Stress

By integrating evidence-based psychology with technology, WebPsychology uses scientifically based tools to assist the estimated 300 million individuals who struggle with depression

DENVER, Sept. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WebPsychology today launched a platform that offers the estimated 300 million individuals who suffer from depression — 50 percent of whom do not receive treatment — a secure online resource for scientifically based information, assessment tools and affordable, self-paced online exercises. 

Founded by a successful former technology executive turned licensed psychologist, Dr. Michael LeBlond, WebPsychology empowers individuals suffering from depression by offering tools to help them find a path to a better life. Dr. LeBlond left a 20-plus-year career working for tech giants like Apple to complete a doctorate in psychology to help those suffering with mental illness. According to data from Mental Health America, 56.5 percent of adults with a mental illness receive no treatment.

“I knew I could have a positive impact on a one-on-one basis.  However, I was troubled that the whole profession, with thousands of quality caring therapists, was costing billions of dollars while less than half of those in need were getting help,” Dr. LeBlond said. “My mission became ‘how do we help those who aren’t getting help?’ WebPsychology is the fulfillment of that mission.”

Considering the four main reasons why people don’t seek the help they need — cost, access, stigma and motivation — Dr. LeBlond developed a computer-based self-assessment solution that provides individuals with self-paced, scientifically based tools in their journey to improved mental health. The innovative WebPsychology platform was architected in a web-based model and the solutions are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, merging Dr. LeBlond’s passion for technology with his passion for helping people through quality, evidence-based psychology.

“We know computer-based learning is being used effectively today to facilitate positive behavioral changes,” Dr. LeBlond said. “We complemented that aspect with an incredibly rich and comprehensive source of information on depression, written by two research psychologists from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center’s Depression Center.”

The WebPsychology platform features five tracks for people to follow to learn how to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors for the better, complemented by resources to reinforce the learning. While the platform is self-paced, WebPsychology encourages weekly visits. The modules can be completed in one sitting, but breaks are recommended so the information can be fully absorbed. Since cost is an important factor in ensuring people receive treatment, WebPsychology is accessible for $9.95 per month.

To learn more or to take a brief depression, anxiety and stress assessment, please visit https://www.webpsychology.com.

About WebPsychology

WebPsychology aims to bring psychological health, healing and the realization of life’s full potential to all who seek it. Designed by a practicing psychologist, WebPsychology combines the best of psychology with the best of technology to create an online source for scientifically based approaches to help individuals with depression, anxiety and stress. Launched in 2017, WebPsychology’s extensive and integrated approach allows those living with or affected by depression to gain a better understanding of their illness and provides them with resources and actionable information, empowering users to transform their lives for the better. WebPsychology is specifically designed to help users find hope, health and strength. For more information, please visit https://www.webpsychology.com.


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