Recovering on Two Fronts: Interstate Restoration directing resources to victims of Harvey, Irma

FT. WORTH, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 7, 2017) - One of the nation's leading disaster-recovery companies has positioned its resources in anticipation of restoration demands in both Texas and Florida.

Offering assurance to businesses already affected by or preparing to be affected by dual, massive hurricanes, Chief Executive Officer Stacy Mazur of Interstate Restoration said his company is ready to handle the unusual confluence of events.

Interstate Restoration already has 125 employees in the area devastated by Hurricane Harvey, along with 35 trucks and tractor trailers, plus about 1,500 subcontractors. Now Interstate is expanding its Florida resources, using its Boynton Beach office as a base, to help businesses get back in operation following any flooding or wind damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Interstate also has an equipment repository in Orlando, from which the company will launch operations.

"We believe we're better positioned than anybody in the industry to fight this hurricane battle on two fronts," said Mazur.

One of the largest concentrations of Interstate clients is in Florida, and the company recently merged with a Boynton Beach-based restoration company to increase Interstate's capacity.

"We're taking this (two-front challenge) seriously, with proper preparation and responsiveness," he said.

Initially, Interstate will have more than 50 people in Florida, with more than 20 trucks and tractor trailers. Hundreds of subcontractors have already positioned themselves to join the effort.

Interstate began its preparation for Hurricane Irma last week and shared advice for clients and the general public in the path of the storm. Mazur added a few additional items for businesses to keep in mind, with safety as a top priority:

  • Create an emergency action plan that includes instructions for both employees and customers.
  • Think about the ways you are going to communicate before the storm's impact, during and after.
  • Download a severe-weather app onto your smartphone so you can track developments.

He added that clients in previous disaster situations have expedited recovery by posting notices on their business doors, alerting public safety officials that they should allow access to restoration companies like Interstate, and thus speeding up the recovery process.

About Interstate Restoration
Founded in 1998, Interstate Restoration LLC is an emergency restoration and general contractor specializing in repairing commercial property nationwide. Ft. Worth-based Interstate helps businesses recover quickly from fire, flood, and other natural and manmade disasters. This means companies and people can focus on the important stuff -- like getting back to business and back to life.