Decisely Unveils End-to-End HR Technology Platform for Small Business

Platform integrates recruiting, onboarding, employee benefit administration and payroll as a single solution to deliver efficiency and effectiveness for businesses

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2017) - Small business benefits provider Decisely today unveiled the first centralized HR technology hub for small businesses. The new, expanded Decisely HR Platform integrates and automates recruiting, applicant tracking, insurance benefits and payroll to simply and effectively manage an employee's lifecycle with an employer.

Decisely enables employers and HR teams to post resumes online at more than 75 websites, including Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and Google Recruiter; track candidates; send job offers; onboard new hires; execute payroll; and manage benefit open enrollment periods through a single, integrated dashboard, eliminating the hassle and expense of managing disparate HR technologies and disciplines.

"We are delivering incredible efficiencies for small business owners and HR teams with one easy-to-use system with complete visibility and management functionality," said Decisely CEO Kevin Dunn. "With Decisely, small businesses can offer a thoroughly modern employee experience that also saves them time and money."

Key features of the Decisely platform include:

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking: Research from Bersin by Deloitte shows that it takes an average of 52 days and $4,000 to fill an open position. Decisely Recruiter helps small businesses streamline the hiring process through integrated recruiting, review and hiring tools.

Paperless Onboarding of New Hires: Decisely eliminates the hassle and expense of traditional paper-based onboarding, managing everything from the signing of an offer letter to enrolling in insurance benefits electronically.

Integrated Payroll: The Decisely platform integrates key information, reporting and payroll vendors into a single, centralized dashboard via PrimePay to eliminate dual data entry tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

Employees Annual Renewal of Insurance Benefits: A trusted Decisely advisor is assigned to every employer and employee to help provide advice and guidance for informed decision-making.

Employees Self-Service Life Event Management: The Decisely platform allows employees to quickly and easily make necessary changes, including tax elections or adding a new dependent.

Employer Self-Service Work Event Management: Decisely also empowers employers to seamlessly manage employee work events such as class changes from full time to part time, salary changes, and promotions. Work events like these often affect payroll and benefits such as recalculating payroll deductions, or allowing an employee to enroll in benefits for the first time.

"Business Administrators, HR and payroll functions serve as the critical heart of a business, helping to collect and manage information and tasks throughout an employee's entire relationship with a company," continued Dunn. "The Decisely platform mirrors this model with the first integrated, centralized platform that eliminates the wasted time and costs of managing duplicate tasks and technology systems. We deliver the big business advantage to small businesses by creating efficiencies that save time, save money, and keep them compliant."

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