Kess Kravings Inc. Launches Savor Kravings Pop-Up Restaurant on October 21st, 2017

Culinary bridge between Western and African cuisines in a fine dining setting

DALLAS, Sept. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kess Kravings Inc., a Plano based food and beverage startup has announced that their pop-up restaurant called Savor Kravings is launching on October 21st, 2017 at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Dallas, Chef’s Gallery Restaurant, 8080 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas 75231. Kess Kravings is lead by an internationally renowned Chef, Kess Eshun who has been featured in several magazines including Afro Retro based in Europe, Idoghana based in New Jersey, USA, AfrikKalabash also based in New Jersey, USA.

Kess Kravings’ mission is to provide a unique dining experience with dishes celebrating a culinary bridge between Western and African cuisines in a fine dining setting. The fine dining setting will be a pop-up restaurant with a menu that will be different for each pop-up. Food will be cooked from scratch using exotic ingredients some of which will be imported from around the world and others sourced from local vendors close to the pop-up location for peak freshness.

This maiden Savor Kravings pop-up restaurant will feature a seven-course menu paired with South African and French wines.  The executive chef, Kess Eshun will personally narrate the stories behind each dish being served.  All spices used, will be specially blended spices from the Kravings Spice brand.

“Kess Kravings is changing the way the world dines in a unique way by creating dishes using ingredients that can only be found by traveling through many countries and serving them at pop-up restaurants so anyone can enjoy our creations without traveling. Kess Kravings is on a rapid growth path with our Kravings recipe mobile App featuring over 90 fusion recipes and counting, cook books in the works, a specialty spice brand and 2 pop-up restaurant events already hosted in Austin, TX.  Our guests should expect impeccable service deserving of a fine restaurant establishment,” said Kess Eshun, CEO and Executive Chef at Kess Kravings.

Tickets for the maiden Savor Kravings pop-up restaurant is currently available for purchase at  Tickets are in short supply and going fast, so buy your ticket today to be part of this maiden event. Come and experience a refined blend of tradition and modernity. Don't miss this exclusive one-time experience!

Download the Kravings mobile App from for a taste of what to expect at the Savor Kravings pop-up restaurant.

Visit to purchase your tickets for this maiden event before we sell out.

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