CGE Energy Accelerates Outbound Marketing to Build Pipeline

BRIGHTON, Mich., Sept. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CGE Energy, Inc. (OTCPink:CGEI), the leading engineer of no capital cost energy solutions, has accelerated its outbound marketing lead generation campaigns to help enact their aggressive marketing plan and achieve their 5-year growth projections.

CGE enlisted an experienced team of outbound marketers to target and qualify prospects for the “CGE Sustain” program and grow the sales pipeline each month. In the last couple months, thousands of phone calls have been made to identify key decision makers, nurture the leads and set appointments for CGE’s sales team. The current results from this outbound marketing initiative is the addition of an estimated $40,000,000 of potential contracts in CGE’s sales pipeline.

CGE Energy is uniquely offering “investments” into a facility’s sustainability instead of the traditional selling of a product. CGE is hand-selecting 700 well-qualified businesses over the next 5 years to install comprehensive sustainable energy projects. This fits within CGE Energy’s goal to create a projected $2.6 Billion portfolio of recurring revenue, while empowering their customer’s sustainability and increasing the property’s asset value. The focus of the outbound marketing is connecting with like-minded organizations that want to make a difference within their organization and in the community.

Since beginning the outbound lead generation campaign, the average facility size of a prospect has been approximately 175,000 square feet. With long-term relationships in mind, square footage is just one important data point CGE’s team looks at when qualifying prospects. Other data points are kWh rate, wind and solar potential, credit worthiness, and hundreds more.

Outbound marketing has an important role to play in CGE’s marketing and growth plans. The CGE management team tracks its ongoing performance amongst their mix of other business-to-business marketing and sales tactics. “Tracking these success metrics on the various marketing channels is very important for our growth. We are constantly tweaking our messaging to create the best customer experience, improve closure rates and shorten the sales cycle,” says Paul Schneider, VP of Marketing.

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About CGE Energy
CGE Energy (OTCPink:CGEI) makes it easy for businesses, local governments, and non-profits to receive the benefits of sustainable energy projects with no upfront cost. CGE hand-selects the very best facilities to partner with and turns their wasted energy into immediate and continuous savings for the customer. By uniquely selling sustainability-as-a-service, CGE's proprietary Sustain business model delivers an exclusive combination of today’s best energy efficiency and sustainable energy generation technologies, including CGE’s exclusive WIND-e20 wind turbine,

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