House of Raeford Farms Partners with SafetyChain Software to Automate Food Safety and Quality Management, Supplier Compliance, and Audit Management

San Rafael, CA, Sept. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SafetyChain Software, the leading innovator of real-time food safety & quality management solutions, is pleased to announce that House of Raeford Farms has partnered with SafetyChain to automate food safety and quality management, supplier compliance, and audit management in three of its poultry processing facilities.

House of Raeford Farms, headquartered in Rose Hill, North Carolina, operates poultry grow-out operations and processing facilities in four southeastern states. The company will leverage SafetyChain’s solutions to:

  • Streamline USDA, HACCP, FSMA, FSIS, GFSI compliance and conformance to food safety protocols in a centralized system, ensuring adherence to specifications and providing immediate access to data for inquiries and audits
  • Automate complex and labor-intensive product quality processes and approval programs at multiple facilities
  • Automate supplier programs to effectively manage onboarding and document maintenance, reduce overall time and labor spent on verification, and ensure that supplier tasks and records are completed properly
  • Achieve visibility into in-process tasks for a comprehensive view of productivity in multiple production facilities

Committed to a rigorous food safety and quality program, House of Raeford sought out a technology solution to streamline labor-intensive, manual internal and external audit processes. The company also wanted a solution that would enable them to easily track key performance indicators and gain visibility into performance across the enterprise. In early March, the company implemented SafetyChain’s mobile solution for pre-operational and operational sanitation checks in the Mocksville facility. That facility has also implemented SafetyChain’s mobile app for scale calibration and thermometer calibration checks.

Commented Anita Colglazier, Corporate Quality Control, House of Raeford Farms, “A unified, centralized system of document management will provide us with the ability to immediately evaluate our high volume of data, streamlining and speeding our audit process.” She added, “We are excited about leveraging the power of automated FSQA tasks to provide us with better real-time visibility into verification on safety and quality checks throughout each facility and through every phase of our processing operation.”

Jill Bender, SafetyChain Software’s Vice President of Marketing, commented, “House of Raeford Farms is well known for its commitment to quality, customers, and community. We are excited about our partnership with House of Raeford Farms and are proud that they selected SafetyChain. We look forward to continuing to support their compliance, FSQA, and automation initiatives.”

About House of Raeford Farms

House of Raeford Farms is a family-owned and operated company that supplies fresh and processed poultry products to retail, food service, and export markets. House of Raeford’s family of products includes several brands of frozen and ready-to-cook products, premium deli meats, and fully cooked chicken products, including House of Raeford, Speedy Bird, and Filet of Chicken. Headquartered in Rose Hill, North Carolina, the company operates poultry grow-out operations and processing facilities in in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana.

About SafetyChain Software

SafetyChain Software is the leading provider of food safety and quality management solutions that help companies reduce risk, control costs, and ensure compliance. SafetyChain’s suite of solutions – Supplier Compliance, Food Safety, Food Quality, CIP Optimization & Material Loss – help companies identify and manage issues earlier, be ready 24/7 for inspections, inquiries, and audits, plus more effectively evaluate and improve performance across their FSQA operations. SafetyChain delivers hard-dollar ROI for companies throughout the food supply chain – suppliers/growers, manufacturers, distributors, and food service/retail.

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