Westchester Plastic Surgeon Discusses Connection Between Cancer and Male Breast Enlargement

Dr. Neal Goldberg reveals whether gynecomastia can lead to breast cancer in men and how to tell the difference between the two conditions

SCARSDALE, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 21, 2017) - The American Cancer Society states that fewer than one percent of breast cancer diagnoses occur in men, although the condition can be a serious issue for those who are affected. Dr. Neal Goldberg, a Westchester plastic surgeon, says many male patients may incorrectly attribute excess breast and fatty tissue associated with a condition called gynecomastia with the development of breast cancer. He says that while there is no known correlation between the two concerns, getting treatment for male breast enlargement can offer mental health benefits as well as cosmetic advantages.

Male breast enlargement, or gynecomastia, is a common condition among boys and men. Dr. Goldberg explains that this issue can be due to the development of excess fatty tissue, glandular tissue, or both. Although the exact cause is unknown, he says factors can include genetics, hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, and the use of certain drugs and medications. Breast cancer in men can also arise from genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance; however, Dr. Goldberg says the processes are different and male patients with gynecomastia have an incredibly low risk of acquiring breast cancer.

Dr. Goldberg says any man who detects a lump in his chest area or suspects cancer should immediately schedule a consultation with his primary physician. Men who are troubled by enlarged breasts, he adds, may benefit from speaking with an experienced plastic surgeon with training in gynecomastia treatment. The Westchester plastic surgeon says the latest techniques in male breast reduction can help patients achieve a flatter, more traditionally masculine appearance in this area.

According to Dr. Goldberg, the benefits of gynecomastia treatment typically include improved self-esteem and confidence as well as greater comfort participating in activities that involve being shirtless (such as swimming and other outdoor sports). Dr. Goldberg adds that patients interested in learning more about male breast enlargement and treatment options can discuss their concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon they trust.

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