KYN Capital Group, Inc. (KYNC) Engages LQD Ventures LLC To Provide Assistance in Regulation A+ Offering

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KYN Capital Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:KYNC), a diversified holding company, announced that it entered into an agreement (the “Minivest Agreement”) with LQD Ventures LLC (“LQD”).

Under this agreement, LQD will advise and host the Company on its Regulation  A+ crowdfunding platform, (“Minivest”). KYNC and Minivest will work together to build a crowdfunding platform to market and advertise the Company, to monitor the“test the waters” stage, and to host the Regulation A+ offering.  Also, Minivest will provide other business advisory services to the Company as necessary related to a prospective offering, and its crowdfunding page.  

The Company engaged legal counsel to prepare and file its Regulation A+ offering circular with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

LQD received compensation for its services through the one time issuance of a $100,000 “Convertible Promissory Note”, dated August 3, 2017.  LQD intends to place such securities into the market place upon the sooner of (1) the effectiveness of a registration statement as to such securities; or (2) the availability of Rule 144 as to the re-sale for such securities.  Principals of LQD Ventures LLC may be investors or advisors of the Company,  posted on Minivest.

Mr. Clem Yeboah, Chief Executive Officer of KYN Capital Group, commented, "With this step, we believe that the ‘Minivest’ platform, the expertise of LQD, and new legal counsel, together positions KYNC to be prepared for the next level of business activities.”

About KYN Capital Group

KYN Capital Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:KYNC) is a holding company of diverse companies that offers technical services geared for protection in corporate computing and security applications for cloud. The Company has developed technical support, engineering support as well as frontline phone support for business transactions for diversified customers and clients in US markets.

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