Aqua America's Chief Executive Officer Christopher Franklin interviewed by Advisor Access

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 17, 2017) - Aqua America (NYSE: WTR). For more than a century, WTR has delivered quality water service to communities throughout the United States, with the mission of "protecting and providing Earth's most essential resource." Now the second largest water utility in the nation, the company serves three million people in eight states, and is committed to providing excellent customer care, bringing value to shareholders year over year, and upgrading and consolidating water and wastewater infrastructure throughout America.

  • Operates and maintains 20 water treatment plants, 3,000 wells, and nearly 1,500 public water systems
  • Operates and maintains more than 12,000 miles of water and sewer mains
  • Has delivered 72 consecutive years of shareholder dividends
  • Has posted a shareholder return of more than 35 percent since 2015
  • Has made more than 300 acquisitions since 1995

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Advisor Access spoke to President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Franklin about Aqua America and the water industry.

Advisor Access: Can you give us a brief overview of Aqua America and the fragmented nature of the water industry in the U.S.?

Chris Franklin: Aqua America is one of the largest publicly traded water utilities in the country, serving approximately three million people in eight states. During our company's 130-year history, we have been guided by our mission to protect and provide the Earth's most essential resource in the communities we serve…

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…AA: You recently announced a major investment in infrastructure upgrades. Can you address why infrastructure is a challenge, and how Aqua America intends to approach that challenge?

CF: Major investment is needed in the water utility space. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency expects the need to spend $384.2 billion on water infrastructure, and $292.2 billion on wastewater infrastructure, over the next twenty years.

We at Aqua believe we can be an important part of the solution to the nation's infrastructure challenges, both from financial and expertise standpoints…

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