Stratfor Launches Worldview for Enterprises to Deliver Strategic Insight for Globally Engaged Organizations

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stratfor, the world’s leading geopolitical intelligence platform, announces the launch of Worldview for Enterprises to provide organizations with a full array of enterprise-class geopolitical resources to power global strategies. These resources – in coordination with Stratfor’s unbiased assessments and forecasts on world affairs – deliver corporations, governments, NGOs and others the unique tools they need to mitigate risk, seize opportunities and predict how global trends will impact their organizations.

“The world is not getting any less complicated. In a time of pronounced geopolitical uncertainty, Worldview for Enterprises delivers the insight today’s globally engaged companies need to refine their long-term, strategic plans,” said Stratfor CEO and Executive Chairman Dave Sikora. “Independent, sober assessments on global trends such as those developed daily by Stratfor’s analyst team are now must-haves for strategic decision makers.“

Built upon the extensive resources currently available to individuals and team members, Worldview for Enterprises now delivers greater access and immediate insights, including:

  • Daily “Stratfor Insider” client notes with direct insight into analysts’ thinking on key geopolitical issues of the day;
  • Individual access to Stratfor’s team of geopolitical analysts with relevant regional and/or subject-matter expertise;
  • Live, member-only video briefings on significant global developments, as well as Stratfor Worldview’s quarterly, annual and decade forecasts;
  • Opportunities to engage in strategic planning reviews, guided team discussions on core trends and geopolitical analysis training sessions for staff; and
  • Availability of IP-based access for large companies interested in establishing baseline geopolitical competency across their organizations.

Stratfor Worldview for Enterprises is designed to serve as an outsourced intelligence collection and analysis unit that aids companies in the development of their own internal global analyst teams at a fraction of the cost. It is specifically tailored to help organizations understand, anticipate and manage the complex impact of global trends that place significant pressure on international supply chains, distributed human resources and corporate affairs. An upcoming release of the Stratfor Worldview API, now in beta testing, will also allow organizations to incorporate these key, geopolitical insights and analyses directly into their existing internal systems.

”A key driver of success in the enterprise market is embedding high value content and services into customer workflows,” said Michael Balsam, Outsell’s Vice President and Practice Leader for Platforms and Data Businesses. “Stratfor Worldview for Enterprises is an important step in the evolution of Stratfor and sets the stage for further expansion of capabilities in areas such as real-time analytics and APIs.”

The launch of Worldview for Enterprises follows the spring launch of Worldview, Stratfor’s premier digital publication, which greatly expanded the company’s ability to deliver integrated analyses and actionable insights to professional, team and enterprise clients. It now joins Worldview for Teams, Stratfor Threat Lens and Stratfor Advisory Services as fundamental resources to help companies succeed in today’s increasingly volatile international environment. Strategic business leaders seeking comprehensive analysis and innovative insight into world affairs to prepare for their organization’s future can learn more about Stratfor Worldview for Enterprises at

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