BG Martin Schweitzer Helping Businesses Attain Global Growth

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Oct 24, 2017) -  General Martin Schweitzer is a long-serving leader and executive manager in the military and civilian industries. Presently, Schweitzer is the owner of Network Designs, Inc. (NDI), an IT company that has worked with the federal government for over 20 years providing IT support. Schweitzer has also been appointed by various organizations and brands to help in the advisory teams. Recently Marty Schweitzer became a member of Board of Advisors for the Ballard Brands, LLC, a company that has a string of restaurants including WOW Café American Grill, The Original City Diner, and the PJ's Coffee of New Orleans.

In the Board of Advisors, Schweitzer is expected to provide counsel on various issues pertaining to technology innovations and growth of this company. Schweitzer is also going to help encourage and support Ballard Brands in exploring new business ideas and managing their brand reputation.

General Marty Schweitzer's Growth and Success

Marty is well known for his long-serving period in the military and civilian sectors where he earned himself a lot of experience in leadership and senior executive management. He has an MS in Education, Instructional Systems Technology that he obtained from Indiana University and an MS in National Security Strategy that he earned at National War College. Marty has been on the field with the military and he has participated in various combat and operational tours including places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

BG Martin Schweitzer retired from active engagement in the military in 2014 and he has been heading an IT company known as Network Designs, Inc. (NDI).

Network Designs, Inc. has been recognized for its excellent performance in helping businesses and the federal government with technology innovations and solutions. It has helped with online security enhancement, improved online reputation management for brands, and IT support. Network Designs, Inc. was granted an award for Global Growth Company, 2011, TOP SEO Reputation Management Company 2013, and Technology Innovation Award winner, 2011. The company has customers in all continents and is highly supported by various top legal networks in the United States. Marty Schweitzer is an industry pioneer considering that he has been the first in this field to have a 100% success rate in a period of over 365 days.

As the CEO and Owner of Network Designs, Inc. Marty Schweitzer is looked upon by many businesses to help in brand reputation. He has done speaking engagements at his Alma Mater and his company has established relationships with fortune 100 clients, top law firms, well-renowned dentists, medical professionals, and high powered CEO's.

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