Lumina Networks delivers first commercial OpenDaylight integration with Kubernetes®

Lumina Fabric Manager enables Kubernetes to control Ethernet switch fabrics from major industry vendors

SYDNEY, Australia, Nov. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenStack Summit -- Lumina Networks, Inc. a market leading provider of SDN controller solutions Powered by OpenDaylight™, today announced the availability of Lumina Fabric Manager, a plug-in for Kubernetes that enables automated control and orchestration of physical Ethernet switches and fabrics from companies such as Cisco and Juniper.

The solution takes advantage of the “universal translator” abstraction capabilities of OpenDaylight to translate Kubernetes network intent into actions in the switch fabric, and helps expand the network capabilities and reach of Kubernetes from the virtual to physical world.

By deploying Lumina’s Fabric Manager, customers can shift the compute burden of networking from servers to their existing Ethernet switches.  In turn, this can free-up compute resources to allow higher density containers, to facilitate the delivery of higher and more consistent network performance.

Aside from the performance and resource gains, customers can benefit from the solution by having Kubernetes automatically control the flow of network traffic within their data centers and equipment racks to containers, provisioned in real-time.   This means that configuration of their switch fabric is kept synchronized with the networking requirements of each container.

“Lumina Networks is focused on delivering SDN applications on-top of OpenDaylight and bringing customers’ SDN projects out of the lab and into the live network”, said Andrew Coward, CEO of Lumina Networks.  “Lumina’s Fabric Manager is a perfect example of taking a real-world SDN problem and productizing a solution for large-scale adoption.”

“As we have plans to migrate compute workloads from hypervisors to containers, we recognized that Kubernetes alone could not automate provisioning on our Juniper Networks QFX™ switch fabric” said Brian Chan, Head of Infrastructure at Snapfish.  “We plan to deploy Lumina’s SDN Controller to interface between Kubernetes and the Ethernet Switches and provide fully automated network provisioning from container-based workloads to our physical network and appliances.”

About Lumina Networks
Lumina Networks believes the future is open software networks where service providers are in control of their development. Lumina is the catalyst that brings open software networking out of the lab and into the live network. We develop open source platforms and provide NetDev Services to jointly deliver production systems and to transfer know-how in Agile Software Development methods. 

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