Forecast International: Marine Gas Turbine Evolution Slow But Steady

NEWTOWN, Conn., Nov. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forecast International latest study of the Marine Gas Turbine Industry projects that 763 marine gas turbine machines valued at $6.264 billion will be produced during the period 2017-2026.   Forecast International Naval Analyst Stuart Slade suggests that the market for these turbines remains steady despite pressure on defense expenditure in general. Within the naval propulsion sector there is a quiet revolution in progress that may significantly affect future developments.


"Sales of large propulsion turbines for major surface combatants are beginning to decline due to the rise in average power output per turbine. This is making it possible for the number of turbines required to provide the desired level of power to be reduced. Where a ship might have demanded four medium-output gas turbines in the past, now designers are able to use a pair of high-output units to deliver the same power," said Slade.

The trend towards higher power gas turbines is being reinforced by the introduction of fully integrated electrical power designs where propulsion machinery and electrical power generation equipment are combined.  "Modern warships have an insatiable demand for electrical power to run their sensors," said Slade. "This is only going to increase as electrically powered weapons including lasers and railguns become commonplace.  By using integrated full electric propulsion (IFEP), the escalating demands for electrical power on board modern warships can be accommodated in a cost-effective manner.

Forecast International's data shows that the marine gas turbine industry is almost exclusively dominated by three companies: GE, Rolls-Royce and Zorya Mashproekt.  Between them, they account for nearly 98 percent of the marine gas turbines produced and 99.6 percent of the value of gas turbine production during the forecast period.

Slade points out that GE has apparently resisted the challenge from Rolls-Royce over the last few years and has maintained its position as the world leader in marine gas turbine production. "The members of the LM2500 family are solid, reliable products and the most powerful member of the group, the LM2500+ G4 is right at the top of the power output list in this sector.  If more power is needed, and it probably will be, we can see the LM6000 winning more acceptance in this sector."


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