New Intensive Global From Asia Program Announced To Grow Global Businesses in 2018

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global From Asia (, a business blog and podcast, has announced a new and innovative way for business owners to learn how to go global into the new year. An intensive online program, the Global From Asia flagship program is built from the ground up to help small to medium size enterprises break free of their traditional mindset of business growth and strategy.

The founder of Global From Asia, Mike Michelini, was tired of the recycled and sterile information on the internet about growing and scaling an international company. In 2007 he was fed up from trying to figure it out remotely from America and has spent over a decade now in China to help others do just that. This stuff should be in our educational curriculum - as going global from the start is a must-do in today’s global economy.

“The Global From Asia Flagship Program was put together for people in my shoes 10 years ago,” says Michelini. “We have packed all of this into our online material to help business owners grow globally from day 1”. What so many business owners don’t realize is going global isn’t only about knowledge - but instead getting in the right mindset and foundation first.

Business owners looking to grow true global enterprises need to ensure they have an understanding of various cultures and know their own strengths and weaknesses when entering new markets - especially in Asia.

But not only is this a do it yourself program. The team at Global From Asia has included intensive real-time live sessions to ensure participants are taking forward action. All too often we get excited when a new year strikes midnight and then get too busy in our day to day. The intensive online real time sessions are critical to the recipe for success.

Taking business serious, as an owner and as a platform, and not sticking solely in your home country is critical to succeed in 2018 and beyond. The 3 key points of this program, and anyone looking to succeed in 2018 and beyond is mindset, business systems, and scaling mechanisms in multiple countries. 

For those interested in checking out this new program at giving business owners a fighting chance to go global can check it out today at 

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