Triax Technologies Launches Spot-r EvacTag to Increase Construction Jobsite Safety

Solution Improves Current Evacuation Procedures with High-Decibel Alarm, LED Lighting

NORWALK, Conn., Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of technology for the connected jobsite, today announced Spot-r EvacTag, the first construction-specific solution of its kind to alert workers to a jobsite evacuation in real-time.

Integrated with Triax’s proprietary network and wearable clip, Spot-r EvacTag augments current evacuation procedures with a high-decibel, highly visible alert. Designated personnel can trigger each EvacTag on site simultaneously via the Spot-r dashboard, and upon hearing or seeing the alert, workers are trained to evacuate to their muster point. The Spot-r dashboard allows supervisors to account for real-time worker headcounts and locations during evacuations, via their Spot-r Clips, helping to ensure fast and safe egress.

“Until now, construction firms didn’t have an effective or scalable way to notify the entire jobsite in the event of an emergency evacuation,” said Chad Hollingsworth, co-founder and CEO, Triax Technologies. “Contractors typically relied on air horns or costly, custom alarm systems which become ineffective as structures are built and the project scope increases. By enabling supervisors to trigger an audible, visual site-wide alarm, Spot-r EvacTag significantly strengthens existing evacuation procedures and provides critical visibility that supports our core safety mission.”
“When it comes to site evacuation, every second counts,” said, Don Naber, Senior Vice President - Director of Risk Management, Gilbane Building Co. “We are excited about the Spot-r EvacTag because it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to evacuate workers. Also, because Spot-r lets us track worker headcounts and locations in real-time, we can be sure everyone is accounted for. The safety benefits it offers are critical.”

Placed on each floor or near each exit, Spot-r EvacTag is a plug-and-play solution that requires no daily maintenance and easily adheres to any surface. In the inherently hazardous construction environment with competing noises and priorities, Spot-r EvacTag supplements the alerts sent to each worker’s Spot-r Clip with a high-decibel siren and LED lighting. Designated supervisors can trigger Spot-r’s evacuation alarm via its cloud-based dashboard, accessible from any smart device or desktop. The dashboard also provides real-time headcounts and worker locations by floor and zone, allowing supervisors to monitor evacuation progress.

Spot-r EvacTag is intended to increase safety and enhance current safety best practices on the jobsite, and should be used in conjunction with, and not as a replacement to such practices.

About Triax Technologies
Triax Technologies, Inc. is a Norwalk, Conn.-based technology company that develops and delivers IoT solutions for the construction industry. Its flagship Spot-r system connects workers, equipment and managers through a proprietary, minimal infrastructure network, sensors and a cloud-based dashboard. By providing real-time, data-driven visibility into daily site operations and safety incidents, Spot-r is changing the way construction companies manage resources, information, and risk. Triax develops intelligent, actionable solutions that address the complexities of an active jobsite, and helps firms streamline processes and build safer and smarter. More information can be found at

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