Trainerize Connects Fitness Clubs to the World of Digital Fitness

By combining the traditional in-person approach of a brick and mortar fitness club with the convenience and affordability of online training, Trainerize is helping fitness clubs sell personal training services to up to 70% of their members.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trainerize, the leading personal training software, is empowering fitness clubs to challenge the status quo, enter the world of online fitness, and deliver a new kind of fitness experience to their members.

In today’s market, despite rising concerns about population health and fitness, only an estimated 10% of fitness club members purchase personal training services citing cost, time-commitment, and intimidation factor as top roadblocks. This leaves the typical club member lacking the fitness guidance and motivation that could be provided by a club’s staff of trained fitness professionals.

Despite fitness clubs’ best efforts to help more members recognize the value of personal training services, this 10% ceiling has held steady, bolstered by the rising popularity of digital platforms and apps making fitness not only trendy but more convenient than ever before while also promising a new and extremely engaging fitness experience—no gym membership required.

This is where Trainerize can bridge the gap and help fitness clubs compete in the modern and digital fitness space. Through a branded workout app, fitness clubs can build and deliver training programs straight to their members phones, connect members with a trainer, and encourage members to track their progress in real time. Club staff can even use chat features to schedule in-person sessions or to build an online community for their members.

By adding online personal training to their roster, fitness clubs can deliver an enhanced range of services—more flexible and affordable than ever before—that cater to a wider audience of members. With options like 100% online training, hybrid training, and enhanced in-person training, fitness businesses can broaden their pool of personal training clients to up to 70% of their members, increasing their revenues and sending member retention rates soaring sky high.

“By adding Trainerize to our business, we’ve moved beyond basic gym memberships and have helped introduce more members to the value of personal training—members who used to think they couldn’t afford or didn’t have time for personal training,” said Ryan Barr of Healthplex Associates, Inc, a multiple-location-based fitness and wellness club management company. “With enhanced in-person, hybrid, and online training options, we’re delivering personal training services in a way that meets member needs while also building a sense of community in our clubs, and keeping our members excited to train here.”

With a powerful set of features, including custom branding, multi-location accounts, trainer management for large teams, group training capabilities, business reporting, add-ons and integrations including MindBody, and business automation, Trainerize is the perfect software for fitness clubs, multi-location chains, and businesses with plans to scale and grow.

“Fitness clubs have a real opportunity to shake up the way they do business and provide members with a modern, convenient, and connected fitness experience,” said Trainerize CEO, Sharad Mohan. “With Trainerize, our fitness club customers have seen exponential growth of roughly 3 times the level of client engagement, up to a 154% increase in fitness service revenues, and an average growth rate of 50% year over year.”

Providing personal training services to the majority of club members is now, more than ever, within reach, and it starts with fitness clubs embracing the benefits of technology like Trainerize to get members hooked on the personal training experience in a way that works for them.

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Trainerize is a Personal Training Software and mobile app trusted by 75,000 fitness professionals and health clubs worldwide. Trainerize is making fitness more accessible by connecting more people to fitness professionals who can help them work out, eat better, and improve their habits.

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