The Unique Vision and Feminist Perspective of Anne Faith Nicholls to be on Full Display at Martin Lawrence Galleries Soho location at 457 West Broadway, New York, NY

Come Meet the Artist at her First Ever New York City Exhibition-including New Works from 'The Subconscious Observer'-on Thursday, February 22, 6-8PM

New York, New York, Jan. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

"Dreams reveal truths concealed".-Anne Faith Nicholls

Anne Faith Nicholls is unlike anyone else on the contemporary art scene. Her paintings offer a point of view-and suggest an energy and verve-that provides a uniquely revealing and refreshing look at the soul of the modern woman.

Nicholls’ style has been described as Neo-Surrealism, drawing inspiration from early American Folk Art, French and Socialist Surrealism, and Society Portraiture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Her favorite artists are René Magritte, Frida Kahlo, Neo Rauch, Ingres, Alex Katz, Chuck Close, Mathew Barney and Marcel Duchamp. Frequent themes that Nicholls explores in her work are, Self-Identity, Self-Examination, The Subconscious or “Dream State” of being, travel, personal journeys and quests, love, restraint, anger, darkness vs. light, burning and cleansing, nature and home. These recurring recognizable symbols, once decoded, hint at the narrative of Nicholls paintings-Rain, Fire, A Bed, Microscope, The Heart, Women, Water, Animals, Lightening, Hands and Dark Clouds. 
Nicholls was born with a backwards heart, but it did not hold her back in any way.  Instead, it helped her forge an inner strength that is both inspirational and captivating. It also created a restlessness and sense of adventure and exploration that took her on a journey from her birthplace in Victoria, British Columbia to San Francisco, where she graduated from the Academy of Arts University.  She ventured onto Southern California where she, and her husband, currently reside. As Nicholls traveled the world, she continued to focus on the work of the Masters. This study of traditional painting, combined with her own perspective, culminated in the development of a unique style which utilizes both oil and acrylic to achieve a signature layered look and a saturated, antiqued, color pallet.

          The exhibition includes new works — “A Flame for the Refugees”, was painted in honor of refugees who’ve fled war torn countries            and made the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. Painted shortly after the artist’s time in Hungary and Spain, this  is a            symbolic reaction to Europe’s refugee crisis, and contentious history. “Through the Thorns” is a symbolic portrait meant to                      confront the viewer, and pose questions on the state-of-the-women today. Women’s issues, such as civil liberties, equality, and              choice, are artfully represented as thorns and thicket through which women must navigate, collecting scratches and scars from                her never-ending journey.

“I often identify characters as myself with a painted scar. I also like to use the heart as a symbol of growth, repair, anguish and love”-Anne Faith Nicholls

Nicholls achieved success early in her career in the California Pop Surrealist and "Low Brow" movements, and appeared regularly in Juxtapoz Magazine. Nicholls cites the Surrealist Manifesto as an inspiration in the core of her imagery. However, she hesitates to confine herself to recent contemporary movements. Her original paintings have been featured in private collections, galleries and museums throughout the world and her illustration work has been featured in many art-related publications. 

Martin Lawrence Galleries discovered Nicholls several years ago at Art Basel Miami, an international showcase synonymous with connecting new and emerging talent and prestigious galleries, and has been an important artist at their galleries ever since. Her latest body of works are rich with symbolic narratives and mysteries, each an allegory or emotion and self-realization, inspired by Surrealism, travel and the subconscious. They will be proudly unveiled-for all to admire and acquire-at Martin Lawrence galleries, 457 West Broadway, New York (In the heart of Soho)

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Press Preview on Thursday, February 22 - The exclusive event will run from 6-8pm at Martin Lawrence Galleries (457 West Broadway in Manhattan) Ralph Olsen, Gallery Director and Anne Faith Nicholls will be at the preview to discuss the exhibition and guide you through and intimate tour of the feautured works.

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Anne Faith Nicholls, Through the Thorns, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 inches Anne Faith Nicholls, A Flame for the Refugees, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

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