Verified Vendor Plan B Landscaping Wins a Federal Contract

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Tampa, Florida, Feb. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Verified Vendor Plan B Landscaping (DUNS #079840434) won a federal contract valued at $19,200. Plan B Landscaping will perform on the contract for at least one year, but have options to extend the contract up to four years if they perform well. The contract requires janitorial work for the US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service in the Homochitto National Forest.

Diverse Capabilities

You would guess by their company name that Plan B Landscaping would be mostly a landscaping company, but the company is taking advantage of many opportunities in the federal sector. They are not only set-up to handle landscaping services (NAICS 561730), but also have also to perform on federal contracts that “Support Activities for Forestry” (Award ID AG447UP160333). Their most recent contract and several before that have fallen under the category of Janitorial Services (Award ID 12447U18P0004). On their government formatted website, built by US Federal Contractor Registration’s Simplified Acquisition Program you’ll also see that they are capable of, “Light Road Repair, Erosion Control, Fallen Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Storm Clean-Up, [and] Honey Bee Removal from dwelling.”

From Subcontractor to Prime Contractor

Rodger Arnold, part owner of the company, employs five others. Together they bring over fifty years’ experience in the industry. Plan B is about a seven-year old company and has been winning federal contracts as the prime contractor since 2016. Declared awards on the company’s profile show that they have won over $40,000 in federal contract awards, but Mr. Arnold estimates that with sub-contracting added in, they have earned closer to $70,000.

Plan B Landscaping worked as a subcontractor under prime contractors before becoming registered for federal contracting. This subcontracting work built up Plan B Landscaping’s performance history. Good past performance history benefited the company when they made their first offer as a prime contractor. But, before reaching this point, Rodger admits that he didn’t even know government contracting was an option for him.

Assistance from USFCR

US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) has helped him from the start become competitive in this market. From the initial SAM registration to learning the basics of finding opportunities and contracting officers contact information within the Advanced Procurement Portal. When asked what was the most helpful thing he gained from USFCR, he explained that the complete searchable list of contracting officers was invaluable.

He worked with Acquisition Specialist Marianne Swager and her assistant Wendy Coutinho. “Marianne and Wendy have been so helpful to me. Every question I’ve asked, every time I’ve called, they stop what they’re doing and answer my question. They’ve been fantastic to me.”

Plan B Landscaping plans on increasing their federal contract awards with more prime contractor positions. The next step is “jumping out into the deep water.” They are seeking big contracts that stretch their capabilities to the max. “Seems to be getting easier, I’m learning the process and what’s expected and [Marianne] has told me many times, we have to be able to communicate with these contracting officers.”


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