US Nuclear Expansion in China

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In early January, 2018, the CEO of US Nuclear Corp. (OTC: UCLE) flew to Beijing, China with the purpose of discussing how US Nuclear can help improve Chinese nuclear customer’s access to the advanced, high-quality, more competitively priced products they need in order to meet China’s aggressive power plant construction growth targets. The goal is to expand USN offerings and to achieve substantial growth for US Nuclear markets in China beginning in 2018 and into the longer term.

Discussions are scheduled to continue in March as US Nuclear will attend Nuclear Industry China, a 4-day event being held from March 28-31, 2018, at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. This event allows US Nuclear to showcase its products for major industry sectors including:

  • Nuclear Power Plant and Fuel Cycle Equipment for Uranium, Thorium, Fusion

Featuring Smokestack, Liquid effluent, and Tritium monitors

  • Hospital, Medical, and Biotech

Featuring products used in Diagnostic Imaging and Oncology departments

  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection Systems

Featuring All-weather Drones with chemical and radiation sensors
Systems for protection and safety of rivers, lakes, and drinking water systems


US Nuclear has been providing nuclear equipment to China since the beginning of China’s nuclear age at Daya Bay, China’s first nuclear power plant. Equipment sales have been modest, but are now accelerating since US Nuclear’s pivot to China in 2015. Robert Goldstein, CEO of US Nuclear, commented, “The opening of our Beijing China office on February 25, 2017, has turned out to be a great move for us, in improving customer communications, service, and trust.  It has also greatly increased our presence and awareness of the gaps we can fill for a fast-growing industry that is in need of greater supply and lower costs.”

Mr. Goldstein further stated, “We make the best tritium monitors in the world, and each nuclear power plant has a need for over 6 million dollars of our equipment. China is now the world’s biggest builder of new nuclear plants and is the biggest opportunity for nuclear equipment suppliers, with 37 nuclear power units in operation, 20 nuclear reactors now under construction, and with aggressive plans for 200 units overall.”

Sources indicate that nuclear power is the only base load energy source that can completely replace coal on a large scale and that can provide a reliable power grid to defeat the widespread air pollution that is such an enormous problem in China today.


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