Azzad Portfolios Achieve 'Top Guns' Status from Informa Investment Solutions

Large cap growth, small cap growth, and real estate strategies excel across multiple categories and reporting periods

Falls Church, Va., Feb. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Azzad Asset Management today announced that three of its investment strategies have been recognized as "Top Guns" for time periods ending December, 2017. The firm’s large cap growth, small cap growth, and REIT (real estate investment trust) strategies received the distinction from Informa Investment Solutions' PSN manager ranking database. This is a highly anticipated quarterly ranking that is widely used by asset managers and investors. 

“PSN Top Guns, which ranks products in six categories in over 50 universes, is a go-to resource for institutional asset managers and investors in their decision-making process,” said Ryan Nauman, vice president, product and market strategist, at Informa Financial Intelligence. “Congratulations to Azzad on being named a PSN Top Gun. This highly respected ranking spotlights the performance of leading investment managers each quarter.” 

Achieving the Top Guns distinction means that the Azzad strategies are among the top 10 performers within one or more peer groups reporting to Informa, the longest running investment manager database in North America.  

About the large cap growth portfolio 
Launched in 2004, Azzad's large cap growth portfolio invests primarily in companies valued at $10 billion or higher at the time of investment. Ziegler Capital Management serves as portfolio manager. After combining a quantitative model with discounted cash flow analysis to score and rank stocks within the universe, Ziegler applies a fundamental evaluation to confirm a stock’s attractiveness.  

About the small cap growth portfolio 
Azzad's small cap growth portfolio has been managed by Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management since its inception in August 2013. The investment philosophy focuses on the “high-quality” subset of the small cap asset class. The manager believes that this emphasis on high-quality businesses, anchored by fundamental, bottom-up research, will achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns over a complete market cycle. 

About the REIT portfolio 
A highly concentrated portfolio, Azzad's REIT portfolio generally holds fewer than 25 stocks and is managed by an internal investment team at Azzad. The team employs quantitative criteria to assess a company's future earnings growth potential. The portfolio is constructed with a bias toward large cap REITs and was launched in 2004. 

Azzad oversees eight investment portfolios and two mutual funds. All potential investments are screened in accordance with the firm’s socially responsible investing guidelines, which exclude companies whose business practices are deemed harmful to society or the environment. 

Past performance does not guarantee future results. All investments carry risks, including possible loss of principal.

PSN and Informa Investment Solutions have no affiliation with Azzad Asset Management, but rather evaluate investment managers’ performance on an objective basis.

The content of the Investment Manager Top Guns is intended for use by qualified investment professionals. Please consult with an investment professional before making any investment using content or implied content from any Investment Manager Top Guns. For the complete list of PSN Top Guns and an overview of the methodology behind the PSN Top Guns Rankings, please click here. 

About Azzad
Azzad Asset Management is committed to providing investment services designed to help people enjoy optimum performance without compromising their values. Azzad is a member of the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. The firm, based outside Washington, DC, is a registered investment advisor that operates with the belief that companies in ethical lines of business offer relatively less business risk and are in a better position to thrive over the long term. 

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