Quantenna's Enhanced Wi-Fi Features Enable Access Points for Improved Mobile Client Experience

Rich set of features leverages latest mobile chipset capabilities to increase throughput, maximize coverage, and increase battery life

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobile World Congress Quantenna Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:QTNA), the innovator and global leader of high performance Wi-Fi solutions, today announced enhanced features on its QSR10G chipset family that significantly improve the mobile client Wi-Fi user experience with increased performance and longer battery life. Utilizing these advanced features, Quantenna has demonstrated throughputs to mobile clients in real conditions that were once thought impossible. Quantenna’s leading edge Wi-Fi technology meaningfully enhances connected experiences, such as 4K Ultra HD video streaming and video-conferencing, content sharing, social media and file transfers.

8x8 Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) technology is being used in an increasing number of Wi-Fi deployments, as it provides key advantages in terms of throughput and coverage. For example, data rate improvements of more than 60% are achieved for houses of 3000 sq.ft. or more when using 8x8 MIMO compared to 4x4 MIMO. Quantenna is working with multiple leading Wi-Fi client chipset providers to leverage these capabilities across emerging mobile client chipsets by combining interoperability testing and end-to-end performance optimization to create a strong ecosystem of high-performance Wi-Fi solutions around 8x8 MIMO.

Quantenna’s features focus primarily on improving the mobile client user experience by expanding network capacity and making better use of Wi-Fi spectrum to maintain excellent connectivity in more complex environments. The growing number of connected devices, diversity of traffic, and density of overlapping networks currently overloads Wi-Fi spectrum and threatens the quality of our connected experiences. To address this, both the QSR10G 8x8 MIMO Wave 3 11ac chipset and 11ax-compliant QSR10G-11ax chipset support Multi User MIMO (MU-MIMO), 160MHz bandwidth and 8-stream feedback, in addition to native 8-antenna receiver gains, to maximize capacity and coverage for mobile clients while keeping battery consumption to a minimum. Quantenna is focused on innovation that continues to improve the performance of both legacy and new mobile client devices, including ones using 802.11ax, 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies.

“Quantenna is committed to improving the mobile client Wi-Fi user experience by providing the best Access Point, Mesh Node, and Wi-Fi Booster solutions,” said Joe Chow, senior vice president of product and program management at Quantenna. “With the explosion of Wi-Fi usage in mobile devices and more complex home networks, our innovative features will reduce congestion and provide a superior user experience. By continuous innovation around these features, and close work with our partners, Quantenna further demonstrates its high-performance Wi-Fi leadership with 8x8 MIMO technology.”

“With MU-MIMO becoming prevalent in smartphones, tablets, PCs and many more categories of clients, 8X8 MIMO in Wi-Fi infrastructure is becoming an imperative," said Phil Solis, Research Director, Connectivity and Smartphone Semiconductors at IDC. "The increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled products in the home coupled with the increasing processing power of these devices, some of which are streaming HD or 4K video, is putting a strain on Wi-Fi infrastructure. The time for 8X8 MIMO in premium home Wi-Fi infrastructure is now.”

These features are readily available on Quantenna’s QSR10G platform.

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