McAdam Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

A look back at the firm’s growth story

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- McAdam, a boutique financial planning firm headquartered in Philadelphia, celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month.  The firm would like to publically thank its clients for their trust and business over that period.  The company is equally grateful for all of the hard work staff and advisors have put in over the last ten years to make the growth of McAdam possible.  Those efforts have put McAdam in a better position to serve its clients and advisors than ever before.  

McAdam’s first decade in business has been a fabulous example of how entrepreneurs in America can still create and scale successful businesses.  The firm was founded in a single office by CEO, Michael McAdam, who believed he could better lead advisors through an independent model.  Over the last decade, our financial advisor network has grown rapidly as his vision for the firm platform and leadership team took shape.  McAdam has attracted advisors by the hundreds and has expanded its presence rapidly, opening four more offices serving major metropolitan areas around the country.  The firm’s operational and growth strategies have been effective and ultimately profitable.  The path forward continues to be dependent upon the ability to recruit, train and retain new talent capable of building deep lasting relationships with clients.  McAdam is continuing to expand its advisor network as part of the firm’s growth strategy for 2018 and beyond. 

“Our success is predicated on our ability to engender and repay trust from both our advisors and our clients.  Over the last ten years, we have learned that we can strengthen our network of advisor relationships by treating our advisors as our clients and we are firmly committed to continuing that approach,” stated Michael McAdam, Chief Executive Officer.   

The company methodically designed and built its full service open-architecture platform to optimally support advisors and serve clients.  The Executive Team flexed its muscles in 2014 when it successfully managed the firm’s lift-out from its former Broker-Dealer (B/D), accompanied by hundreds of their existing advisors.  McAdam viewed this as a powerful vote of confidence from the people who uphold their vision on a daily basis.  This bold move repositioned McAdam from a General Agency to a fee and commission Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) hybrid model, allowing the firm to directly offer more fee-only products and services.  These important moves secured the company’s foothold in the industry and strengthened the organization’s ability to support advisors and service clients.  McAdam operates at the leading edge of the industry trend which is moving toward RIA hybrids.  The firm’s Executive Team works relentlessly to offer advisors a platform through which its network of advisors can successfully compete for and win business in a competitive marketplace. 

In late 2014, the firm launched “McAdam” as its own client facing brand in a bold move toward greater independence.  Building a brand identity in personal financial services often boils down to building trust, which is accrued one client experience at a time.  One way which McAdam has established its brand has been through consistent exposure in both mainstream and industry media outlets.  Additionally, in 2017 McAdam garnered recognition, winning multiple national awards including being named to; Inc.5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US list, FA Magazine’s Top 50 Fastest Growing RIAs, and SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture Award winners.  The advisor force speaks as the firm brand voice and their commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence has allowed the firm to compete head-to-head with the oldest and biggest firms in the industry for both new talent and new clients.  Confidence in the quality of advice provided McAdam to offer a money back guarantee for its financial plans. 

“The company’s internal strategy will position the firm well moving into the next decade.  We expect to continue on a similar trajectory in our industry.  The confidence we have developed in our organization to execute as a team only bolsters our optimism for growth moving forward.” said Michael McAdam.

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