Mary Katrantzou Moves Worldwide With Go.Borderlinx

Go.Borderlinx, the industry-leading international eCommerce solution, takes the British luxury fashion brand to global customers

London, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Mary Katrantzou, the renowned luxury womenswear brand, has adopted Go.Borderlinx’s Hub-in-a-Box (HiaB) solution to bring online shopping to customers in over 70 countries via direct-to-customer shipping.

As an international designer brand, Mary Katrantzou had been eager to move into global markets. However, the retailer was having trouble finding a cross-border partner that could keep in line with their priorities: offer an incredible shopping experience with low shipping prices and short delivery times. Many e-commerce solutions use outdated technology that forces retailers to send orders to a separate warehouse for international processing. Mary Katrantzou was disappointed to learn that this method would increase costs and complicate their existing fulfillment process.

“The cross-border solutions we researched lacked the flexibility we needed. We didn’t want to burden our customers with long delivery times and higher shipping costs just because we were moving into global markets,” said Mary Katrantzou Managing Director Alex Frankpitt. “Discovering Go.Borderlinx was a relief because we realized that we could accomplish what we wanted by simply shipping orders directly to customers from our warehouse. HiaB is the only solution that could make that happen for us.”

Go.Borderlinx’s HiaB solution keeps retailers in control of their fulfillment process with direct-to-customer shipping. Mary Katrantzou has all the tools they need to manage international orders alongside domestic orders from their processing center in London, including shipping labels and customs documentation preparation. Because there is no need for an extra shipping step, Mary Katrantzou can deliver orders in two to three days via DHL Express and keep shipping costs low.

To elevate the customer experience, Mary Katrantzou is leveraging Go.Borderlinx's seamless end-to-end checkout feature and International Returns add-on. At checkout, global customers can pay their total landed cost, which includes local customs duty and tax fees. Known as Delivered Duty Paid (or DDP), retailers that offer this payment option at checkout can significantly reduce cart abandonment and returns. When returns are necessary, Go.Borderlinx's International Returns add-on lets customers initiate the process on their own and allows them to ship items directly to the retailer’s warehouse via express delivery.

“Many cross-border solutions today are stuck in the past, but Go.Borderlinx has developed forward-looking tools that retailers need to become global brands without losing control or compromising budget,” said Borderlinx COO Yves Languepin. “Go.Borderlinx is fostering the next generation of global e-commerce, and we’re excited to join Mary Katrantzou as they grow with our technology in countries across the world.”

About Go.Borderlinx
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About Mary Katrantzou
Since launching the first flagship online store in 2013, Mary Katrantzou has brought an elevated fashion experience that engages shoppers in a word where fashion, art and design are woven together.


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