College.Ink Powered By Printfly Partners with Hillel International

PHILADELPHIA, March 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- College.Ink powered by Printfly, a technology and printing platform that powers end-to-end custom apparel businesses, today announced its partnership with Hillel International,  the largest Jewish student organization in the world, operating in over 550 colleges and universities around the world.

“College.Ink’s leadership in the collegiate apparel market, coupled with their technology and delivery systems, will enable us to quickly scale this initiative to many of Hillel’s nationwide campus partners, from Boston University to UCLA,” said Etan Harmelech, Vice President of Digital & Direct Marketing for Hillel International. “For our campus affiliates, and the 400,000 Jewish students we serve, this partnership will have an immediate positive impact.”

College.Ink will kick-off the relationship as the official apparel supplier to Hillel International and by  providing online storefronts for Hillel merchandise at 15 campus affiliates across the country. This will grow to over 150 stores over the next 12 months.  Schools participating include Boston University, Penn State, University of Central Florida, University of Illinois, Emory University, Northwestern University, Northeastern University, University of Southern California, Purdue University, University of Michigan, University of Arizona, University of California, Los Angeles, Ohio State University, Ohio University, and George Washington University. Online storefronts coming soon include the University of California, Berkeley, University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Delaware.

“The partnership provides Penn State Hillel the opportunity to publicize and strengthen our brand; it allows our staff to focus on our mission of engaging every Jewish student at Penn State in meaningful Jewish life instead of order processing, inventory management, and order fulfillment,” said Penn State Hillel Executive Director, Aaron Kaufman. “Since this is an on-demand service for an on-demand world, I am especially excited that our limited space and resources will no longer be tied up in inventory and will instead directly support our students.”

Printfly and College.Ink have grown exponentially over the last year and a half and this partnership with Hillel International will continue that momentum,” commented Robert Levin, COO of Printfly. “I’m delighted to welcome this new partnership with Hillel to provide quality apparel to universities across the country.”

About Printfly:
Printfly is the premier platform for custom printed apparel and products. The company’s industry-leading technology, proprietary logistics, state-of-the-art production facility, and employees combine to make a remarkable experience through the and College.Ink brands.
Sara Dodrill