Paysa Launches Job Sense, a smarter job search engine

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paysa, the industry's first platform to empower individuals to maximize their salary across the span of their career, launched today a powerful new tool for job seekers, Job Sense.

Powered by AI and machine learning, Job Sense intelligently matches a user’s resume profile to all jobs that they have a good chance of getting based on that users’ Career Signature, which is comprised of multiple factors, including skills, work experiences, companies, and education. Ultimately, job seekers using Paysa’s Job Sense get better job matches, more possibility in getting a job, and what they will earn at the job. 

“This really turns job search upside down,” says Chris Bolte, CEO of Paysa. “It’s a smarter and more accurate way to do job search leading to a higher chance of being hired because the candidate is a stronger skill match.”

Unlike traditional job search tools which rely on keyword matching and tend to deliver poor results, frustrating both job seekers and employers, Job Sense uses AI and machine learning to match talent with jobs, improving the hiring process for both the job seeker and hiring manager.

“I found a whole bunch of jobs at companies that I never even knew existed.  It really opened up my eyes to all the jobs that I would be a fit for,” says Cara Presley, another of Paysa's beta users.

Try Paysa Job Sense and get hired today!

About Paysa

Paysa offers personalized career and hiring recommendations plus real-world salary insights for maximizing opportunity, earning potential and value at all stages of an individual’s career. Using proprietary artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms, Paysa analyzes millions of data points including jobs, resumes and compensation information, providing professionals with actionable tools, insights, and research. They can then see and understand their individual worth in the market today, and how to increase their value. Paysa also empowers enterprises with the knowledge they need to be competitive in today’s fierce tech hiring market. Employers can learn which skills, real-world company experience and educational background offers the greatest predictor of a candidate’s or employee’s future success at their organization.

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