Verified Vendor ACS Home Services Wins Their First Federal Contract

US Federal Contractor Registration's Bid Training Was "Instrumental"

Tampa, Florida, March 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

First Bid, First Federal Contract

Verified Vendor Accountable Climate Solutions INC, doing business as ACS Home Services (DUNS #048393648), won their first federal contract on March 5, 2018. ACS Home Services anticipates performing on the US Coast Guard (USCG) contract for about two weeks. The contract, valued at $28,568, requires removal and replacement of three HVAC systems at the St. Petersburg, Florida USCG Base. This is not only the company's first federal contract, but also their first federal bid.

Bid Training

ACS Home Services' Contracts Officer Ken Salch says that US Federal Contractor Registration's bid training with John Wayne II was instrumental in getting their first proposal completed properly. Ken explained that reading the standards for bid proposals on was confusing at times and daunting with wordiness. John simplified it. “During training sessions I could share with him what I wrote. He would say 'tweak this,' 'move this,' 'word it this way.' He would say, 'I know what you're trying to say, but this is the way the government wants to see it....All those little details made the difference.”

SAM Registration

ACS Home Services mainly provides light commercial and residential HVAC services. Further capabilities include roofing, electrical and remediation service. The company lists all of these on their System for Award Management (SAM) profile. ACS Home Services consulted with USFCR to complete their SAM Registration. They had actually self-registered originally. Yet, to double check that everything was complete and updated, they had USFCR Case Manager Melissa Baum look it over. Ken admits, this gave him peace-of-mind when it came to submitting their bid.

Importance of Building Relationships

On this recent contract win they will be working with a subcontractor to provide roofing to complete the job. Ken Salch of ACS Home Services mentioned the importance of relationships between subcontractors and prime contractors in terms of their industry:

“Contracts are very big for HVAC because it can involve a whole building gets awarded to a prime and then we have to find those primes. Sometimes they have a certain contractor that they always use for their HVAC.”

Advanced Procurement Portal

Vendors using USFCR's Advanced Procurement Portal are able to perform market research to find prime contractors who were awarded a contract by using the built in Contract Catalog or by searching the complete database of SAM Registered Vendors. Classified by industry or even location businesses will see awarded contracts near them and what their local competition is winning.

ACS Home Services continues to submit bids for the next contract. “When the right opportunity presents itself where we can provide a service, we're going to go after it," says Salch.


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