Contractors, Meet Your New Ally, The Advanced Procurement Portal

Youtube Live Stream Demo every Friday at 2:00pm

St. Petersburg, Florida, March 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

US Federal Contractor Registration, the world's largest third-party government registration firm, is going live. The full-service firm aimed at simplifying the federal acquisition process will be hosting a free, weekly, live demonstration of how to maximize opportunities in the federal sector with their Advanced Procurement Portal (APP) on Youtube every Friday at 2:00pm. Youtube contributor and USFCR Executive Bid Trainer John Wayne II is excited to host the show and looks forward to interactions with a worldwide internet audience.

Youtube Live offers John a chance to reach a wider audience than his daily conference calls at USFCR. John's conference calls are tailored to the specific needs of both businesses who are actively bidding on federal contracts and businesses that are just getting started as federal contractors. Although the Youtube Live broadcast will be a more general look at the “must-do's” for contractors, viewers will be able to ask direct questions through the site's chat. The Advanced Procurement Portal (APP) is a new release from USFCR and is completely unique in the industry, so audience questions and participation is welcomed.

Every client that registers or manages a SAM profile with USFCR gains access to APP. APP keeps an active list of federal business opportunities similar to The difference between and APP lies in its ease of use and commingling of government data. Where is dedicated to finding federal business opportunities, APP ties this information together with a complete database of federal buyers and other government vendors. Contractors can not only find subcontracting opportunities easier with the marriage of this data, but also build better relationships with federal buyers. The icing on the cake is that the system contains a Learning Center that will prove invaluable  for newcomers to federal contracting.

On USFCR's Youtube Live Stream which airs every week on Friday at 2:00PM, John gives a live demonstration of APP. He shows how to set up alerts for opportunities that match a business's capabilities and more. The goldmine for businesses located within APP's interface is the Client Relationship Manager (CRM) which takes the synthesis of government data to a new level. Businesses use this built-in, easy to use Government CRM to keep track of government agents they have contacted, agents they hope to contact and the activity of federal buyers. Businesses using APP never miss a beat.

Small businesses rarely receive access to resources such as this which allow them to break into the federal market. The US Government relies on small businesses to meet their sales goals and small businesses can rely on the government as a recession proof, large buyer. The Advanced Procurement Portal from US Federal Contractor Registration makes this symbiotic relationship more possible than ever before.


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