Dragnet Solutions, Inc. Changes Its Name to Accelitas, Inc. and Broadens Its Focus to Customer Identity Intelligence across Industries

NOVATO, Calif., April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DSi (Dragnet Solutions®, Inc.), the leading provider of Customer Identity Intelligence, today announced that it is changing its name to Accelitas, Inc. and broadening its focus to providing Customer Identity Intelligence solutions across multiple industries, including financial services, retail, hospitality, and transportation. 

“Our new name reflects the marriage of speed and accuracy that our Accelerated Insight® platform brings to our customers’ digital account opening practices,” said Greg Coté, CEO of Accelitas. “It combines the Latin accelerare (speed) with veritas (truth), and it’s close to aequitas, which means equity or fairness. Our Accelerated Insight platform delivers the truth about identity intelligence quickly and fairly, expanding access to services.”

As the digital economy has grown in scale and complexity, so have the needs of companies in industries ranging from financial services and insurance to retail and transportation. In fact, the digital economy is challenging every business everywhere that needs to identify, authenticate and validate online customers. To thrive today, a business has to do more than keep out fraud operators. It has to welcome more prospects and make it fast and easy for them to become profitable customers. Customer Identity Intelligence is the use of predictive analytics to help organizations screen, onboard, and serve more customers more quickly and fairly than ever before.

“Our new name and go-to-market strategy reflects the changing needs of companies and the consumers they’re serving,” said Coté. “The Accelerated Insight platform we have spent fifteen years perfecting increases Customer Identity Intelligence by leveraging data analytics and machine learning to deliver predictive insights to our customers. These insights are the secret sauce that allows companies to grant fair, fast and frictionless access to more customers.”

To learn more about Accelitas and its Accelerated Insight product suite, visit www.accelitas.com

About Accelitas

Accelitas, Inc. (formerly Dragnet Solutions, Inc.) is a leading provider of identity intelligence services that help companies identify and say “yes” to more customers. The company’s Accelerated Insight® platform includes four real-time web services that provide a faster, smarter way to seamlessly open digital accounts, quickly authenticate IDs, verify profitable customers, and revive previously rejected accounts. The resulting decreases in abandonment, risk and charge offs, and rejection rates can deliver an ROI as high as 30:1.

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