QASymphony Announces Quality Excellence Award Winners at Quality Jam 2018

ATLANTA, April 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QASymphony, a leader in enterprise software testing, announces the winners of the QASymphony Quality Excellence Awards. The awards were presented at Quality Jam, QASymphony's annual customer conference, to QA teams that have demonstrated excellence, efficiency, innovation and advocacy in software quality.

“I would like to congratulate the winners of the 2018 QASymphony Quality Excellence Awards –  they were selected from hundreds of candidates and represent the best of the best. Each of the winning enterprises were cross-functionally aligned around prioritizing software quality and they set a standard of excellence for other teams to emulate,” said QASymphony CEO Dave Keil.

Winners were designated in the following three categories:

The QA Champion Award recognizes a team who has excelled in championing the importance of QA and software quality across teams, throughout their organization or to the C-suite. This year’s QA Champion Award goes to two outstanding teams: The QA team at Office Depot and the QA team at Global Payments.

The QA team at Office Depot has been a critical component of the retailer’s initiative to create an omni-channel shopping experience in stores and across devices. The QA team at Office Depot does a fantastic job promoting the importance of software quality to executive leadership. In turn, leadership has prioritized software quality and enabled QA to play a key role in the company’s digital transformation. To maintain a seamless customer experience, Office Depot needs to consistently push up-to-date product information across multiple digital platforms, from websites to web apps to point-of-sale systems, and ensure each one is bug-free and performing as expected. The company’s QA team developed a strategy to streamline testing across technologies, leveraging qTest as a unified platform for collaborating with developers, centrally managing test data, and analyzing application quality. The team leverages executive-level dashboards in qTest Insights to share key metrics with executives, which helps them continually optimize application quality and better engage with customers across digital channels.

The QA team at Global Payments sets key goals that align with the business strategy in annual planning sessions. The team reports progress regularly to executive leadership across business organizations, up to the board level. Key metrics, including zero production defects, are tracked in qTest Insights. The Test Engineering and Quality Assurance teams are engaged at every step in the software delivery pipeline, from inception to design to delivery. The team continuously engages partners in the business to champion quality assurance principles and test engineering practices, and code isn’t deployed into production without QA acceptance and business signoff. To ensure that application delivery is a partnership, Global Payments has established a cross-functional QA Center of Excellence, which helps build trust and reinforce partnerships with development to continuously communicate, collaborate, coordinate and deliver great software that successfully processes and settles millions of payment transactions daily.

The Collaboration Award recognizes a team who has excelled in ensuring developer-tester alignment, via workflow optimization, process and tool alignment, and a collaborative spirit. This year’s Collaboration Award goes to Sterling Talent Solutions.

The QA team at Sterling Talent Solutions realized recently that their test management solution did not provide the necessary integration and visibility that was needed to support agile teams. They were hacking their existing QA toolset to make it fit within the new process and spending too much time communicating QA progress to other stakeholders. Recognizing an opportunity to streamline development and testing, QA leaders requested feedback from various stakeholders across the software development lifecycle to learn what they needed most. The answer was a tool with a robust integration with Jira and Confluence, so that developers and product owners could easily keep track of QA progress and receive notifications when it was time for them to step in. After implementing qTest, the team is more closely aligned – product owners have a clear view of what tests are being run, scrum masters are able to manage and report on defects, and leadership is able to see the quality of the application at a requirement level. In support of their continuous test integration, the team has developed a new test framework that leverages qTest APIs to integrate test management directly with their test automation. The team plans to incorporate qTest Pulse and qTest Launch into their strategy in the near future.

The Innovation Award recognizes a team who has innovated the testing process at their organization by leveraging some of the latest techniques and tools. This year’s Innovation Award goes to the QA Research, Development and Support (RDS) team at Life Time, Inc.

The QA RDS team at Life Time Inc. realized they needed an innovative solution for managing all types of tests after moving in a new direction with test automation. The Jira test management add-on they were using was no longer sufficient for keeping track of all types of tests (automated, manual, unit, etc.) each week, which the Life Time QA team was using. The team participated in QASymphony's qTest Launch beta program and will now roll out the product to centrally manage automation across all of the team's test machines.

About QASymphony
QASymphony accelerates digital transformation with software testing solutions that help enterprises prioritize quality, develop reliable software and increase speed to market. The qTest Platform streamlines software testing in agile and DevOps environments and centralizes testing efforts across the enterprise. By taking a strategic approach to quality, QASymphony enables enterprises to develop higher-quality software, faster, to better support new business models and customer experiences.

The qTest platform streamlines development workflows by seamlessly integrating testing with leading automation, development and delivery tools including Atlassian’s Jira, VersionOne, CA Agile Central, Selenium, Jenkins and many more. QASymphony is trusted by leading enterprises including Cisco, Samsung, Verizon and Office Depot. In 2017, QASymphony grew revenue 113%, was named the 8th fastest-growing private software company in America on the Inc. 5000 list, and was listed as the No. 44 fastest-growing technology company on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list.

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