Small Businesses Tasked with Worldwide Shipments of Audio Devices through US Department of Defense

Federal Contracting Assistance Available from US Federal Contractor Registration

Alexandria, Virginia, April 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The Education Activity branch of the US Department of Defense (DoDEA) issued a solicitation for small businesses who can provide shipments of audio recording devices and their peripherals to educational facilities around the world. The work will be awarded at the contracting officer's discretion to a qualified small business contractor who submits the lowest technically accepted bid. The last day a small business can submit a quote is May 1, 2018. For assistance meeting this deadline with proper registrations and a strong offer, small businesses may use third-party government registration firm, US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR).

The requirements to fulfill the Department of Defense’s needs are found on the federal business opportunity solicitation which can be located on the Advanced Procurement Portal from USFCR. Businesses will see on the solicitation that DoDEA requesting 225 units to 169 different locations throughout the US, Europe and Asia. The exact specifications are listed on the solicitation, but in general the agency is looking for Zoom H6 recorders with 64GB SD cards and remote controls, two different types of cables totaling 25ft in length, tripods and mounts to hold the device and additional adapters for audio input.

This brief summary of requirements must be supplemented with a full-read of the actual solicitation. Further questions should be directed to Contracting Specialist Roin Castoldi ( Businesses should immediately get started making sure they are registered properly to submit offers to the government. Contracting officers will be unable to assist with specific contractor requirements such as registration in the System for Award Management (SAM).

SAM is the mandatory registration that all federal contractors must complete before making offers to perform any work for the government. This system can be tricky to handle, especially when trying to meet a deadline and put a quote together. For assistance with all of these matters, US Federal Contractor Registration is standing by to provide.

US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is the world’s largest third-party government registration firm. They have helped thousands of entities translate their capabilities into the U.S. Government’s language and systems with the Simplified Acquisition Program, bid training and proposal writing services. They not only register companies on their behalf in SAM, but also have pioneered the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP). APP shows active and historical federal business opportunity information in the same place, simplifying market research. Active federal buyers and vendors are not only cataloged in APP, but also are also using the system, creating a powerful network. Businesses who partner with USFCR will be able dedicate their complete effort toward their performance on a contract, rather than the acquisition of it.


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