Routeware Introduces Integrated Video Services

Routeware has added video services to their fleet service automation system

PORTLAND, Ore., April 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Routeware, Inc., a leading provider of fleet service automation to the waste industry, today announced integrated video service for recording accidents, G-force events, speeding events, and driver behavior. Routeware Video Service integrates seamlessly with Routeware’s Android on-board computing devices while eliminating the need for separate vendors and duplicative cellular network connections.

“We believe that Routeware is the only company serving the waste industry that can simultaneously and reliably deliver video service, picture service, RFID reading, and scale interfaces via an Android-based thin tablet,” says Tom Malone, CEO of Routeware. “Routeware has stripped away the high costs of on-board computing and recording without stripping away the robust functionality that waste haulers need.”

Routeware Video Service automatically records an accident before, during, and after it occurs. Video, which can be uploaded over cellular or Wi-Fi networks, is viewable through the same back-office software with which Routeware customers already monitor their fleet.

The Routeware Video Service features:

  • High-resolution video from up to eight cameras simultaneously
  • Real-time alerts and views of G-force events, parking events, panic events, and normal video
  • Video cameras that can also be used as rear-view cameras that transmit to a separate monitor as well as an on-board computer tablet
  • Remote configuration of camera features like resolution and frames per second
  • GPS information and time/date stamps on videos
  • No additional cellular fees
  • Archiving of videos on a customer’s own servers or Routeware Cloud Services

About Routeware, Inc.
Routeware helps fleet operators increase billable revenue and improve the productivity of drivers via a powerful combination of on-board computer devices (including peripherals such as cameras/videos, scale sensors, RFID, and actuator sensors) and software that communicates critical information in real-time to and from the back office. With Routeware fleet service automation, you can monitor, automate and optimize your entire workflow, resulting in effective driver coaching, efficient routes, maximized customer satisfaction, and increased profits.

For more information contact:
Tom Malone
CEO, Routeware
Phone: 503.906.8580

Routeware introduces video services to waste management fleet automation and waste hauling vehicles