Routeware Addresses Driver Shortage With New Big Data Analytics

Routeware Driver Performance Optimizer (DPO)™ analyzes driver and truck data to improve driver productivity via individualized coaching

PORTLAND, Ore., April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Routeware, Inc., a leading provider of fleet service automation solutions to the waste industry and municipalities, today introduced Routeware Driver Performance Optimizer (DPO)™, the first Big Data analytics solution for optimizing waste industry driver performance, at Waste Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

“Routeware DPO is a timely prescription for a worsening driver shortage,” says Tom Malone, CEO of Routeware. “DPO performs like a virtual productivity analyst by analyzing data that on-board computers generate and providing tailored driver coaching reports so fleet operators can gain 30 to 60 minutes more service time per route per day.” 

Routeware DPO™ compares GPS-tagged route information from in-truck tablet computers and sensors to pre-set performance targets so that routes and drivers can be ranked by profit improvement potential. DPO then creates clear, actionable coaching reports that are unique to each route and driver so that profit improvement can be easily realized. DPO also integrates with popular time clock systems so that a driver’s activity from clock-in to clock-out can be optimized.    

“Using Routeware DPO leads to more pickups-per-shift-hour and more revenue through better logging of extras,” says Malone. “The savings that can be produced by consolidating routes and reduced overtime pay alone can finance programs and policies that help attract and keep drivers.”

Routeware DPO:

  • Filters and normalizes route data, distilling the most important performance information automatically into actionable insight.

  • Uses route history and industry data to automatically set customizable targets across an entire fleet, by line of business, and/or by each individual route for key metrics.

  • Analyzes millions of points of data to generate individualized visual driver scorecards that serve as coaching guides for driver performance metrics.

  • Can easily finance a driver incentive system that attracts, rewards, and retains the best drivers.

  • Combines time clock data with data collected by an on-board system so that driver productivity and profitability can be improved.

About Routeware, Inc.
Routeware helps fleet operators increase billable revenue and improve driver productivity via a suite of on-board tablet-computer devices, sensors and peripherals (such as cameras/videos, scale sensors, RFIDs, and actuator sensors) and software that communicates critical information in real-time to and from the back office. With Routeware fleet service automation, customers can monitor, automate, and optimize fleet workflows, resulting in effective driver coaching, efficient routes, maximized customer satisfaction, and increased profits.

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Driver Performance data before and after Routeware DPO, in terms of dollar improvement realized per driver for the business

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