Busting the Myths Behind Late Pregnancy and Motherhood

Stories of 40 Women Who Gave Birth After 40 Years Old

NEW YORK, April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morgan James’s new release, The Joy of Later Motherhood: Your Natural Path to Healthy Babies Even in Your 40s by #1 Best Seller Bettina Gordon-Wayne, takes a stand against the stereotype that it is unhealthy or unnatural to get pregnant later in life. Sharing her own story and those of more than 40 other women over age 40, Gordon-Wayne offers encouragement and valuable insights for prospective mothers.

While the U.S. fertility rate hit a historic low, the birthrates for women 30 through 44 years old are the highest they have been since the baby boom era of the 1960s. Whether a woman is pursuing a career, trying to establish financial stability, or is simply waiting to meet the right partner to start a family, there are so many valid reasons that a woman may decide motherhood later in life is better for her and her family.

However, society and modern medicine have failed to keep up with their perception of later pregnancy. Pregnancy after age 35 is immediately considered high-risk and often viewed as unnatural, and the fear of a “ticking biological clock” is ever looming over women’s heads. Discouraged by all the negative hype surrounding mature motherhood, Bettina Gordon-Wayne set out to educate and help other women by sharing her own journey of a perfectly healthy pregnancy at age 44 and, backed up by the work of top natural fertility experts, debunks many myths prevalent in society like:

  • A woman’s age is the number one predictor of a couple’s chance to conceive.
  • Women who delay motherhood are career driven rather than family oriented.
  • Nobody can turn back the biological clock.

“When I set out to write this book, I was surprised how easily I found many women who also conceived naturally and birthed children later in life,” says Bettina Gordon-Wayne, “So I asked: how did you set yourself up for a healthy natural pregnancy over 40?”

“Pregnancy after 40 can be a joyful and healthy experience, despite what so many women are led to believe. Bettina Gordon-Wayne lays out the territory to later motherhood with wisdom and knowledge,” says Dr. Christiane Northrup, women’s health pioneer and New York Times bestselling author.

The Joy of Later Motherhood: Your Natural Path to Healthy Babies Even in Your 40s is a candid, uplifting personal guide to motherhood at a mature age. Gordon-Wayne also addresses difficult topics such as infertility diagnoses and miscarriage, and she also provides tips on natural family planning and preparing for pregnancy. With real-life stories from women who gave birth after the age of 40 and insights from top natural fertility experts, Gordon-Wayne offers a reprieve from all the negativity and fear that haunts older women on their way to motherhood. This book is a celebration of women (and their partners) who had a rich life before they had children and who now bring their years of experience, self-awareness and conscious lifestyle to joyfully raising the next generation.

If you would like a digital copy of the book, book cover art, headshot of Bettina Gordon-Wayne, or to schedule an interview with the author or with mothers featured in the book, please visit BettinaGordon.com/press.

About the Author:
Bettina Gordon-Wayne is an international journalist, certified mental strength trainer and #1 Best Selling author. At age 44, she became the third generation of women in her family to have healthy children at an age the mainstream deems “dangerous.” Bettina is passionate about sharing her journey and encouraging other women that they too can have perfectly healthy pregnancies later in life. She currently resides in Washington, DC. For more on Bettina’s work and free resources, visit BettinaGordon.com.

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The Joy of Later Motherhood: Your Natural Path to Healthy Babies Even in Your 40’s by Bettina Gordon-Wayne, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on May 1, 2018. The Joy of Later Motherhood—ISBN 9781683506812—has 248 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $17.95.

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