Vyne Exchange Platform Captures and Connects Healthcare Communication for Payers

The technology provides payers the ability to measure communication among teams, foster a more meaningful member experience and improve service levels with providers.

AUSTIN, Tex., May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vyne, a leading provider of health information exchange and electronic claims attachment solutions for hospitals, health systems and dental practices, today announces the launch of the Vyne Exchange Platform. The platform provides payers with a single solution for management of all member-related communications including: recorded phone calls, voicemails, emails, images, faxes, claim attachments and other documentation.

The Vyne Exchange Platform automatically connects disparate, disconnected data to support improved payer communication management by indexing the data to the associated member ID making it easily searchable. The Vyne Exchange Platform works with your existing phone and fax system to connect phone conversations; secure messaging and fax communication; pre-authorization conversations between payers and providers, and patient acknowledgement of financial responsibility data; faxes to and from referring providers; and supporting documentation for claims.

The Vyne Exchange Platform provides immediate access in one centralized, searchable repository to supporting documentation and keeps communication records resulting in fewer disputes and reduced liability. Additionally, the Vyne Exchange Platform technology provides payers the ability to measure communication among teams for office staff and remote staff, foster more meaningful member encounters and improve service levels to create a better overall client experience, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures to improve encounters, documentation and outcomes.

“A significant need exists for payers to be able to efficiently track all communications related to a member or patient encounter,” said Lindy Benton, president and CEO of Vyne. “Think of the advantages payers could realize if they utilized a single, chronological audit trail, accessible by provider, member, employee, or other relevant payer-determined index, that can easily be searched and referenced in one centralized repository. Every touchpoint between providers and payers about patients and members can be at payer employee’s fingertips in real-time.” 

The Vyne Exchange Platform features Vyne’s Trace™ technology, which provides business intelligence throughout any care organization. Whether voice, fax or image content, Trace combines all records for quick access, searchable by member, document type, department or any custom field. The result is improved performance, collaboration and significant improvements in key performance indicators.

Additionally, the Vyne Exchange Platform provides the following benefits:

  • Voice tools: Four available methods for capturing critical voice content, including phone calls, voicemails and any face-to-face interaction. Voice content can be captured automatically or captured on-demand through PCs, mobile devices or desk top microphones. Voice recording applications are scalable to fit any number of users or environments.
  • Fax tools: The healthcare-specific fax interface seamlessly captures incoming and outgoing faxes or integrates with existing solutions, eliminating the need to print, scan and manually fax documents.
  • Image tools: Seamlessly capture images, such as web pages, member records, emails and scanned documents. Images are indexed and can be stored or routed through Trace to any outside party or receiving system.
  • Claim attachments: Easily receive and index claim attachment submissions to member records for faster claim adjudication.
  • Integration: Vyne’s Trace integrates with all major HIS platforms to quickly send and receive content, images and voice file links between systems. Options include direct file transfer and content links through either a cold feed or HL7.
  • Performance Excellence: Trace offers tools to meet the specific workflow needs of each and every organization. Available as a single-department or enterprise-wide solution, Trace can be customized to meet the unique processes and data needs of each service area. Remote employees also have secure access to all captured information, giving them data they need to complete work efficiently from anywhere.

For more information about the Vyne Exchange Platform, visit: www.vynecorp.com/VEP.

About Vyne

Vyne™ is the industry leader in secure health information exchange and electronic healthcare communication management. The company’s robust technology platform facilitates the electronic capture, storage and submission of healthcare data in any form – voice, fax, image, data or electronic document. Vyne’s proven solutions connect disconnected data to close gaps in documentation and improve the continuum of care through a more complete and fully accessible patient record. Outcomes include improved financial strength, operational performance and patient experience for medical and dental providers and payers. For more information, visit vynecorp.com.





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